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Utaite Spotlight: Rib

Hello there, it's Tune ♪ First time posting, so I'm not sure if it's ok to post on a day other than Friday...but it should be fine? (* ̄∇ ̄*)エヘヘ
Rib / りぶ

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Rib is one of those lesser known, newer male utaites. He started uploading his works as of late May this year and has just a handful of covers up (but they're worth checking out). Truthfully I don't know too much about him, but that's kinda due to my lack of Japanese knowledge. One of Rib's distinctive qualities is his rich vibrato, which he does very nicely. His uploads are mostly ballad type songs that showcase his vibrato, but he does have some upbeat uploads as well. As far as range goes, it's pretty impressive; he can go from a grumbling low note to a smooth falsetto. Rib has fairly good control over his voice, capable of going from soft tones to powerful emotion when needed (*cough* that could be because of his Miracle Voice Training CD jk jk XD/shot.) He does such lovely harmonies in his uploads as well =)

sample songs

Tune says:

LOL I wanted to link more but the sample songs are already like half of his mylist (he only has 11 uploads so far XDD) I believe I learned of Rib through a YT link to his BEAUTIFUL DREAMER cover, but didn't think much of it till I heard Kuuchuu Teien and Flight Time. ^^ I really like his rich vibrato (even though he himself claims it's "immature" lol) and it just adds an air of unique Rib-ness to the song IMO. I feel like he could probably do a range of genres, like he's the "molding his voice to fit the song" type. We'll see. :D

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i love his voice too :) beautiful vibrato *____* i think i found him through pierot ...
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I only followed his namas recently *w* his voice is really niceeee. His guitar is <3 too.
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Thanks for this. You can post anytime you like. Even if you post spotlights every day I won't mind /shot XD.
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*has only listened to his Pierot and likes him already* "orz
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Thanks for this Tune-chan! *W*

Rib's voice is really beautiful. *__*