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Debisaku / デビ作

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Debisaku isn't a new figure on Nico Nico Douga. He has started uploading his videos in early 2010 and he is active till this day. He has trained rhythmic gymnastic for 10 years and it has influenced the way he dance today.

I think he is closest to contemporary dance, which is a very unfettered form of dance. Even though it's based on ballet, it still place a greater emphasis on the emotions of a dancer,. While in ballet a dancer has to stick rigidly to rules and techniques, here a dancer tries to tell a story. Dabisaku's dance is not only expressive, but also subtle and dynamic. He often combines intricate moves with indeed too simplistic ones, in order to bring out the more nuanced aspects of music.

In his choreographies he uses a variety of songs, from ambiguous creepy songs or catchy pop to soft ballads. When the music's tone is angry or distressing, like in Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro, he uses sharp and short moves, whereas in cheerful and peaceful songs his movements become lighter and more flowing. However they are constantly characterized by their clear and grace. Moreover, he often adds acrobatic elements, such as roundoffs, back handsprings, and flips. Nevertheless, it's not like his performaces are always dramatic or reflective. First of all, Debisaku deeply enjoys dancing. What is more he has a great sense of humour, which is visible in his performances, especially when he starts doing really weird and hilarious things.

He doesn't appear often on the events. Though, he took part in Nico Nico Dance 3 with Kurokamiku and Mukuro as a team. Excluding live performances, in collabs he mostly dance with Bel. or komemitsu.

sample dances:

A. Solos
Rolling Girl
Hello/How are you (Debisaku's choreography)
Intuitive Fenomerase (Debisaku's choreography)
Leave in Summer (Debisaku's choreography)
STEP TO YOU (Debisaku's choroegraphy)

B. Collabs
Panda Hero (with Bel.)
Patchwork Poison (with Kurokamiku and Mukuro; Dabisaku's, Kurokamiku's, and Mukuro's choreography)
te-yut-te (with komemitsu; Mayuki's choreography)
Knife (with komemitsu)

Mono says:
I don't remember how I discovered Debisaku. I watched a few of his videos but at first I didn't set too much store by his dance. I saw his Rolling Girl, without any choreography, and it was probably the first time when I paid more attention to him. I was really impressed by his condition and ability and all acrobatic figures. I prefer when he is dancing to this more scary songs like Hirugashi no Naku Koro ni or aforementioned Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro but I must admit that I truly love his choreography to Leave in Summer. This is inconceivable for me, that Debisaku makes pretty girlish choreographies, but dancing to them, he looks really cool. While girls, no matter how they tried, look for me, that they only mince the feet in place and wave the hands. Besides that his antics amuse me every time. I cried with laughter watching his parody of Hello/How are you. Then I think this is a main reason why I like him so much. That he has so many faces but he's always sincere in what he does.
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Nyantaro / にゃんたろ

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Nyantaro is a male odorite, who has started working as a dancer named Lily in 2008. His early-stage career includes performances in the team ASIENCE, however he’s never uploaded anything under that nickname. He’s changed it to Nyantaro after the release of Vocaloid with the same name. On nico nico he has been posting videos regularly since last year.

There is a clear influence of vogueing on his dance technique. Vogueing is specific dance, that derives from the world of fashion. Its most characteristic elements are model-like poses and rigid movements of hands, arms, legs, and whole body, that form linear and symmetrical shapes. It is a largely improvised dance and Nyantaro just improvises in most of his solo videos. He keeps pace perfectly and accentuates music's changes in a way that makes the improvisation depend heavily on layoff, acceleration of rhythm, bass, sound effects, and vocal. He has also studied many other styles of dance including hip-hop, house, breakdance, pop, so his dance style can be, in fact, called freestyle.

Nyantaro has many victories in dance battles such as AB-BOY PARK2. Currently, as a leader of Nyantaro Project he is responsible for the dance configuration and choreography. Apart from him, the team consists of 5 other dancers: Reichel, Pan2, Kotaro, Ryo, and ShokupanMen. Starting from 2010, he also works as a DJ, which shows that his range of interests and activities is quite large.

sample dances:
A. Solos
1925 (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
↑ Game of Life ↓ (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
Karakuri Pierrot (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
Envy Catwalk (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)
Cantarella (freestyle improvisation by Nyantaro)

B. Collabs
First Kiss (with Kyoji; Kozue's choreography)
Rotten Heresy And Chocolate (Nyantaro Project; Nyantaro's choreography)
Sweet Devil (Nyantaro Project & TEAM BLACK STARZ on Nico Nico Dance Master 3; choreography by Nyantaro Project and TEAM BLACK STARZ)
Senbonzakura (with Onihe, Keitan, Ryo, and ANDY)

Mono says:
When I saw Nyantaro for the first time during some Nico Nico Dance Master, my reaction was basically something like a big “wow”. His live performances are always a delight and his sole appearance on stage is enough to excite the audience that always greets him with a storm of cheers and applause. It's not always because of the technique (which is of course pretty amazing), his attitude is even more important. The absolute self-confidence, charisma and power of the impact on the audience – and his dance that expresses it all.
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Aikawa Kozue / 愛川こずえ

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I think that everyone, who is interested in Nico Nico Douga, heard about DANCEROID at least once. I would like to introduce you one of the founders of the team – Aikawa Kozue.

In the beginning she danced alone using other artists' choreography. She uploaded her first video in August 2008. In July 2009 she danced "Luka Luka Night Fever" presenting her own choreography and this brought her fame. Her choreography was later used in the PSP game Hatsune Miku-Project DIVA-extend. Also in 2009 she, along with Itokutora (Ikura) and Minka Lee, founded DANCEROID. The team has changed over the time but I think that she is still the most popular member of this group.

Kozue prefers dancing to pop songs. Her choreographies include, first of all, many energetic and sweeping hand movements and simple steps resembling aerobic dance (a bit like zumba figures, but you shouldknow that the boundaries between many dances are very thin and sometimes it's really hard to distinguish them).

She chiefly performs with DANCEROID, but the girls take parts in many events, sometimes abroad. Kozue and Ikura were in Singapore on Eyo 2010 and in Los Angeles at the concert of Hatsune Miku "MIKUNOPOLIS". We can also watch Kozue on all DANCEROID's DVDs.

Sample dances:

1. Solos
Luka Luka Night Fever (Kozue's choreography)
Sweet Magic (Satchaso's choreography)
Hello/How Are You (Debisaku's choreography)
Lily Lily Burning Night (Kozue's choreography)

2. Collabs
Mikan (with Miume and Nora)
My Room Disco Night (with Hinata, Reichel, and Nora; Rere's choreography)
te-yut-te (with Mayuki; Mayuki's choreography)

Mono says:
Kozue is not one of my favourite female odorite, but when I'm watching DANCEROID's videos she draws the most of my attention. She is always smiling and it is clear that she deeply enjoys dancing. Her attitude has the biggest influence on my impression of her performances. While I may not like her very much I can understand why she is liked by so many people.
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Melochin / めろちん

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If you happen to stumble upon a video of man dancing while wearing a Nike cap and with a shawl covering the face, you can be fairly certain that it will be Melochin. Still, you probably shouldn't take it for granted as nowadays he rarely chooses to dance in such attire.

Melochin can be considered new on Nico Nico – his first video appeared in December 2010. And yet, it is one of the most viewed videos on his mylist. Why? For one simple reason: it features the choreography he created to "Happy Synthesizer" – a song which is very popular among both dancers and singers. His choreography is well-liked since, while it's easy, it's also interesting and quite adorable.

One has to admit that Melochin has improved his skills during this one year. He is really lively and his movements became very energetic and vigorous. I believe that solo modern dances with a clear beat work better for him, but it seems that performing cute pop songs in duet with Miume gains him even more popularity – they have even been invited to Nicoraji together.

Melochin performed on Nico Nico Dance Master 2 in the DDD team (with Butsudankamen, Keitan, 13, Bouto, TAKUMA, and Imaokasan), which danced Panda Hero, and on Nico Nico Dance Master 3 with Gachi♂Gachi (TAKUMA, Ryusei Yarou, Kyoufu, Pon, Mushroom). He was also among the only three male odorite who took part in the photo session to the album "Odoriru Days -Social Media Creators-".

If you look carefully at his mylist you will see that he tried his hand at singing. It's a bit difficult to assess his voice, because in "Happy Synthesizer" he was using a great deal of autotune, but I would venture to say that it isn't very good.

Sample dances:
1. Solos
Happy Synthesizer (Melochin's choreography)
Dancing Samurai (Melochin's choreography)

2. Collabs
Panda Hero (with Miume; Bouto's & Keitan's choreography)
Ochame Kinou (with Miume; Guako's choreography)
Melancholic (with Nyantaro; Te☆in's choreography)

Mono says:
I discovered Melochin by accident. While at first I was rather sceptical about him, I came to like him when I saw his "Dancing Samurai" video (perhaps because whenever I hear this song I want to dance or maybe because it made me notice that Melochin is a very positive person). When I learnt that he created choreography to "Happy Synthesizer" I immediately started following him. I must also admit that another reason why I like Melochin is the fact that he is able to play the piano. And although his voice is far from fantastic, I actually appreciate his effort at singing.
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Butsudankamen / 仏壇仮面

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Butsudankamen has been uploading videos on Nico Nico Douga since August 2008, that is, approximately from the time when he was 18 years old. He's one of the most popular and well-known odorite. He has almost 11,000 followers on twitter and his community includes 16 thousand people. It's very easy to recognize him because of the Pierrot mask he wears. Although he owns many masks, he seems to favour that one.

His first dances were based on the movements invented on the spot. Those videos were shot in a dark room where Butsudankamen was dancing alone. On 26 of July 2009 he danced "Bad Apple!!" with Tadanon, and from that moment he has come to be known for his natural, smooth movements and unique choreography he created. He, along with 13 (another well-known odorite), also created choreography for Saiya's video "BREEZE", in which the three of them performed. His dance style is very characteristic and you can easily notice flexible movements specific only for him, especially if you compare him to other people dancing his choreographies. He sometimes gives the impression as if his body is boneless. In his dance he often uses elements of breakdance, house dance, poppin' etc. His puppet style (which is meant to imitate a marionette tied to strings ) is perfect.

Butsudankamen dances mostly with other odorite and along with them he takes part in many events. He participated in Nico Nico Dance Master 1, where he appeared on the scene twice: first, with Ringosu, and later with Bouto and Saiya in "BREEZE". We could also watch him during Nico Nico Dance Master 2, where he was a member of two teams: DDD (with Keitan, 13, Bouto, TAKUMA, Melochin, and Imaokasan) and F9 Project (with 13, Imaokasan, Sari, Kagamiji, Takatsu, Oinarin, and Hayapi).

For a long time the most important question repeated among the fans was: What does he look like? The question remained unanswered until recently, when we were finally able to see him in this video.

sample dances:
A. Solos
love letter (Butsudankamen’s choreography)
Baboon day vol.2 Emperors Birthday after party

B. Collabs
Bad Apple!! (with Tadanon; Butsudankamen’s choreography)
Matryoshka (with 13; Bouto’s choreography)
BREEZE (with 13 and Saiya; Butsudankamen’s and 13’s choreography)
Tsugai Kogarashi (with Ringosu; Butsudankamen’s and Ringosu’s choreography)
Spring Shower (with DO@RAT; Aniki’s choreography)

Mono says:
My adventure with odottemita started from Butsudankamen. When I saw his "Tsugai Kogarashi" I instantly fell in love with him – I was completely captivated by his movements. I never would have guessed that someone could be capable of dancing like this. My favourite dance is his solo performance in BilliBow in celebration of Japan's Emperor’s Birthday on 24th December 2009. The part when he dances like a pierrot is simply wonderful - you definitely need to see it.
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This is not utattemita or Vocaloid-related (despite having a producer and a few utaite in it), but people who follow odottemita might be interested in watching. On December 12, 2010 (18:00), there will be an odottemita event, Nico Nico Dancemaster. Official website is here and the gate to the namahousou is here.

No ticket is needed although I am not sure if online viewing is only for premium users. They said in the site that the HQ stream is restricted to premium users, but I don't know if they have an economy version for free users :(.

Guest list is as follows. I've included the dancers' mylists in case you want to see samples of their performances.

list of performers )

I'll update this list if there are any additions, although I doubt it since the date is so near.
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As you know, the Daikaigi concert tours will restart again very soon (on the 15th) and the guest list is always being updated with new people who are joining the performers list. Some of the performers are not well-known so I put together a list here to give you an idea of who each person is as well as a work of theirs that is worth watching. This list will also serve as a schedule of the concerts in case you are deciding which day to watch!

I hope you manage to check out some of the unfamiliar people and like them, especially the odottemita/ensoushitemita ones! Zombies are pretty cracked, btw...

cast list, dates, etc. )

Okay, that was hard to type... I'll add guests as they are updated in the site. Make sure you check the site, too, since they have pictures~. There are a couple more concerts for you to watch this December (and both are free), I'll get to them in a while (or tomorrow).


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