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For a proper intro, please read the Miku ranking here. You might be wondering why I jumped to the GUMI ranking. I'm playing favorites :D. ANYWAYYYY... GUMI only has 90 songs, so it's a little easier for me...I think.

So far, this and the annual rankings are the only ones I type in reverse order (from 100-1) so that it'd be more exciting :). If you want me to do the midyear/annual rankings in the traditional way (the 1-xx order), just tell me :).

You might notice that some of the titles/P names are still in Japanese. It's because I'm not sure how to romanize them correctly.

nicovideo link

top 90-1 under the cut )
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This is the first time I'm posting about the weekly Vocaloid ranking. Initially, I just wanted to do the monthly summary ranking, but since I always check Weekly Vocaran anyway, why not include them in my posts here ^^;. I also put a list of my favorites for the week @ mintyrain. Yes, there's a thing called life here, I just don't notice it much XD.

This is just a list. Order is not reversed, unless people request it to be in such :). /lazy

original link

top 30 for the week )

It's a bit harder for me to do Vocaranking because I don't know much about producers, but let's see how this'll continue XD;.


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