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http://xbunnychiffon.livejournal.com/ ([identity profile] xbunnychiffon.livejournal.com) wrote in [community profile] ofurotaimu 2014-08-20 12:35 am (UTC)

Waaahh I check in on Ofurotaimu after months and it's closed down so recently?!

Ofurotaimu has been such a great site and wonderful resource of all things NND for all of us. I joined Ofurotaimu in 2011 so it's been 3 years, wowow. I was so pleasantly surprised to stumble across Ofurotaimu!
In 2011, it wasn't the easiest thing to find utattemita related news like how it is now where you can just search through tags on tumblr.
I was more of a lurker on this community, but I felt happy being a part of it :>
I won't ever forget the weekly Utarankings with Nikki's comments on the songs, that time when Ofurotaimu made their own Smiling cover, & etc.

Thank you, Ofurotaimu & all of the members of the community!!!

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