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SeraphicTune ([personal profile] seraphictune) wrote in [community profile] ofurotaimu 2011-05-27 10:39 pm (UTC)

srip~! *___*


*___* ahhhhh I've always wanted a spotlight on srip~ thanks nikki! *___*
yeah~! he does sound rougher in some songs and sometimes it reminds me of SSJ but ...more smooth rough? but I really do love his emotional ballads~ ///

it's soothing and his voice sort of has a gentle roughness?

He's way underrated though D: so I'm happy about this spotlight~ /o/
I think I first found srip through his cover of AHHHHHH...or that long あぁあぁあぁあぁあぁあぁ(ry song LOL

LOL the pure comment XD actually I probably thought that until I found his twitter too AHAHHAHAHAHAHA <--how sorely mistaken I was ahahahhahaha

uwahhhh his Love Trigger...I had it on loop for quite a while 8D it was kinda eroi /// I feel like he paced it a little differently, but I do like his singing style (´Д`*)))ハァハァ

hmm -listening through again- He sometimes reminds me a cross of Buzz & SSJ ^^ but /o/ that syrupy-ness is nice! =w=b

I forgot to mention~ I really like his Maron too *___* it's sweet~

LOL ok enough spaz =w=b srip yay <3 ^^

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