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Weekly Utattemita Ranking # 177 (March 19-26, 2012)

This is a very varied ranking, with new and old covers alike. There are quite a few remains from last week, but most of the top ones are new. There are also a lot of parodies, so I'm sorry I won't be able to elaborate on them.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

I'll be including the weekly top fifteen and the overall top thirty of the week. Links to the nicovideo are included as well as some information. You may download the .mp3 file by inputting the link @ nicosound. Enjoy!

English Nico Nico Douga Link
original Nico Nico Douga Link


01. 【天候H】『東京テディベア』歌ってみた【赤ティン】
Tokyo Teddy Bear [Akatin x TenkouH]
Akatin; TenkouH
original by Neru
overall rank: 31. This is really awesome omg.

02. "Million of Bravery"を、英語で歌ってみた FULL 【ヒャダイン】
Million of Bravery -full- [Hyadain]
overall rank: 32. This is the full version of Hyadain's cover of the theme from the Square Enix game Kakusansei Million Arthur which was composed by himself and sung by Choucho.

03. 医学の分野から見た想像フォレスト 【替え歌】
(Parody) Souzou Forest [Funiimouto]
original by Jin
overall rank: 33. LOL This is the song with changed lyrics which match the movements in the PV.

04. *: ) ハイリスク×ロリータ 歌ってみた
High Risk x Lolita [kalon.]
original by Tom
overall rank: 34. kalon. is really on a roll recently, isn't she?

05. 魔女の円舞曲 歌ってみた【ひと里×ゆも】
Majo no Enbukyoku [Hitori x Yumo]
original by Yakko
overall rank: 38. Title means "The Witches' Waltz". Hitori and Yumo's voices didn't quite blend well enough for me but separately, they sounded awesome.

06. 迷子の僕に 歌ってみましゅた
Maigo no Boku ni [Jun☆Jun]
original by KEI
overall rank: 45. Title means "I who is Lost". The song is quite l-lol but at least we get to hear Junjun's normal voice!

07. 【歌ってみた】くじらの街【38番】
Kujira no Machi [38ban]
original by MurabitoP
overall rank: 46. Title means "Whale Street". I'm a bit distracted by her sudden pitch changing even though the notes aren't very high, but all in all, this was sung pretty well.

08. Femme Fatale 歌ってみた*鳥子
Femme Fatale [Toriko]
original by Sahara and KatakunaP
overall rank: 50. I didn't like this as much as her other covers but Toriko's voice is always a pleasure to listen to...and her rapping XD.

09. 【歌ってみた】  カガリビト  【ゆきゆっき】
Kagaribito [Yukiyucky]
original by millstones
overall rank: 57. First time hearing this name but wow, she sings really wonderfully. The high notes are not strained or screechy.

10. マジLOVE1000%(茶緒しゅーずnadyオトメンReset96)
Maji LOVE !000% [collab]
• original from Uta no Prince-sama
overall rank: 59. This is a collaboration involving Tyao, Shoose, nady, Otomen, Reset, and 96. LOL This is a bit late but it's so entertaining nonetheless.

11. 【すぃ】ネコミミアーカイブ【歌いました】
Nekomimi Archive [Swy]
original by KusoinakaP
overall rank: 60. It's not as powerful as most covers but Swy's voice fits the song pretty well. He didn't overexert his notes and sounded really good.

12. 【歌ってみた】インターネットシティ【リシェ】
Internet City [Rishe]
original by scop
overall rank: 61. Rishe's range never fails to amaze me.

13. 心臓デモクラシー 歌ってみた【ノラ船長】
Shinzou Democracy [Norasenchou]
original by MikitoP
overall rank: 68. Norasenchou sounds better and better! His voice reminds me a bit of Inchou and Yurin, with just a little bit of shakiness.

14. 「ヨガはにんきもの」をガチで歌ってみた 〔シンちゃん〕
Yogoha Ninki Mono [Shinchan]
original MAD
overall rank: 70. The song is from Crayon Shin-chan while the video is mostly of Street Fighter. I don't know how to describe these things ;;.

15. ワン・ヤード 歌ってみた ver.鎖那
One Yard [Sana]
original by INOSON
overall rank: 72. I don't know much about Saya but she has a gentle, thin voice.


01. 【替え歌】 「二次元桜」 を歌ってみた
(Parody) Nijigen Sakura [Tomonashi]
• This is a Parody of Senbonzakura by KurousaP
• Title means "2d Sakura". I'm sorry I can't really explain much more. I thought Tomonashi retired but apparently he's back?

02. 【実谷なな×黒うさP×たま】桜ひとひら【PVフルバージョン】
Sakura Hitohira [Mitani Nana]
• This is an original by KurousaP, illustration is by Tama. I'm not used to hearing Mitani Nana singing this kind of song and I prefer Yamai to sing Kurousa songs, but I can't deny that this is pretty in a way. Nana's clear singing adds to the charm.

03. 心臓デモクラシー 歌ってみた【そらる】
Shinzou Democracy [Soraru]
original by MikitoP
• I'm not a Soraru fan but this is quite nice, especially the intro. He felt like he's chasing after the lyrics at first but he manages to grasp the tempo later on beautifully.

04. 【ヲタみん】『からくり卍ばーすと』を歌ってみた【びびあん】
Karakuri卍Burst [Wotamin x Vivienne]
Wotamin; Vivienne
original by HitoshizukuP and Yama△
someone's hare(ry It's been a while since a collab between these two! I think their voices mix well because Vivienne has a sharp, high voice while Wotamin can keep hers sultry and low.

05. 【下僕】和尚「You're埋葬www葬wwwwwいつもww」【歌ってみた】
You're MaisouwwwSouwwwwwwItsumoww [collab]
• This originated from a 2ch meme so it's a bit hard to understand.. It's a parody of Arashi's "A・RA・SHI". Many thanks to the anon in the comments for clarification!

06. 【精一杯の可愛さを作って歌ってみた】初恋の絵本【みどりいぬ。】
Hatsukoi no Ehon [Midoriinu]
original by HoneyWorks
• Title means "First Love Picture Book". Midoriinu is really improving lately. She reminds me of Nayugorou.

07. 【MiTsu8】トゥインクル【歌ってみた】
Twinkle [MiTsu8]
original by Junky
• I don't know this person at all (I just know he's a namahousou personality) and it's a pretty mediocre cover...

08. 怪異物ノ怪音楽箱 歌ってみた【けったろ】
Kaii Mononoke Ongaku Hako [Kettaro]
original by Teniwoha
↑40 Title means "A Strange Ghost's Music Box".

09. 【赤飯】木彫り鯰と右肩ゾンビ を歌いました【hanzo&シュラ種種種】
Kibori Namazu to Migikata Zombi [Sekihan]
• This is an original by hanzo and ShuraShuju
• Title means "Wooden Catfish and Zombie on the Right Shoulder". I don't understand the song but it's not a typical Sekihan cover. It's kinda entertaining lol.

10. 【嫉妬】エンヴィキャットウォーク、歌ってみた【秋赤音】
Envy Catwalk [Aki Akane]
original by Tohma
• That screaming.

11. 「Aspirin」歌ってみた【柿チョコ】
Aspirin [Kakichoco]
original by MuryokuP

12. 【ぽこた・花たん】ggrks-ググれカス-【歌ってみた】
ggrks [Hanatan x Pokota]
Hanatan; Pokota
original by AatamiP

13. 心臓デモクラシーを歌ってみた by向日葵
Shinzou Democracy [Himawari]
original by MikitoP
• Title means "Heart's Democracy". Himawari really makes ANYTHING sound so gentle and nice.

14. ヘッドフォンアクター歌ってみた…。【ゆう十】
Headphone Actor [Yuuto]
original by Jin
• Yuuto's on a roll recently (and his album sounded awesome, too). This is a bit weak because it's such a fast song, maybe, but I am amazed at the diction.

15. Bad∞End∞Night ヲタみん ぽこた のぶなが amu 96猫 ヤマイ ココル プリクマー
Bad ∞ End ∞ Night [collab]
original by HitoshizukuP and Yama△
↓01 This is a collaboration involving Wotamin (Miku), Pokota (Gakupo), Nobunaga (Rin), amu (Len), 96neko (GUMI), Yamai (Luka), Cocolu (Meiko), and Purikuma (Kaito).

16. virgin suicidesを歌ってみた【nero】
virgin suicides [nero]
original by Nem
• I swear, Nero plans on singing everything Dasoku Clear sings. I thought Nero sounded a little too perfectly smooth in this song, though XD;.

17. 【オリジナル】 もやし男 【__】
Moyashi Otoko [_ _]
↓02 Title means "Bean Sprout Man".

18. ヨガはにんきもの 歌ってみた/僕太
Yogoha Ninki-mono [Bokuta]
• LOL this again I just....

19. 「白金ディスコ」を歌ってみた*ななひら
Hakkin Disco [Nanahira]
• original from Nisemonogatari
• More cute stuff from Nanahira but surprisingly, I like this a lot compared to her other covers.

20. 「パンツレスラーズ!EX 」歌ってみた【samfree】
(Parody) Pantsu Wrestlers! EX [samfree]
• Um...Might be not safe for work or something...

21. 「ペテン師が笑う頃に」歌ってみた verOLD
Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni [OLD]
original by NashimotoP
• OLD's voice lacks the strength Nashimoto songs need but his singing style and adlibs make up for it.

22. 蛇足ぽこたみーちゃんけったろkoma'n【√5】「三日月姫」イラストメインPV
Mikazuki Hime [√5]
↓05 This is an original by KurousaP for Root5.

23. 「リンちゃんなう!」に少量のキモさをプラスしてみた / recog
Rin-chan Nau! [recog]
Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka original by OwataP

24. 谺、碧海、那由多を見定むアグラフォノスの詩篇 歌ってみた 【una&kunkun】
Kodama, Hekikai, Nayuta wo Mizadamu Aglaphonos no Shihen [una x kunkun]
una; kunkun
original by Neru
• This song with complicated name is getting quite a few covers recently. I didn't have any expectations from this particular cover but kunkun and una worked really well together and they sound so lovely.

25. 【替え歌】レンくんなう!歌ってみた ver96猫
(Parody) Len-kun Nau! [96neko]
• This is a parody of the Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka original by OwataP

26. イリヤイリヤ 歌ってみた__
Iriya Iriya [Fukuwa]
original by YodareP

27. 『天使にふれたよ!』歌ってみた【きー助・まふまふ・センラ・Freedel】
Tenshi ni Fureta yo! [collab]
• original from K-On!!
• This is a collab including Keysuke, Mafumafu, Senra, and Freedel. This is quite good although I was half-afraid of what to expect while listening.

28. 『 I ♥ 』を歌ってみました。/びびあん
I ♥ [Vivienne]
original by Junky
• This is beautiful! I don't like Vivienne's autotuned voice but this song is cute by default and it helps a lot.

29. 男ですが『sweets parade』を必死に高い声出して歌ってみた【ひづき】
sweets parade [Hiduki]
• original from Inu x Boku SS
• I don't hear much from Hiduki but that pitch LOL.

30. 【そんなふいんきで歌ってみた】千本桜【ぐるたみん】
Senbonzakura [Glutamine]
Hatsune Miku original by KurousaP

1. Aisatsu no Mahou (Isaji)
2. Aisatsu no Mahou (thin)
3. Aisatsu no Mahou (Gom)
4. If (Kakichoco)
5. Aisatsu no Mahou (neko)

Kaeritakunatta no de Kari Douka (Yutorikonbu)
Nijigen Dream Fever (Denki Usagi)
Just a Game (Gurumi)
Yume Machi Contrast (Emukun)
Hanare Banare (Kokko)
Wasurenaide (Chuchu)
southerncross: (15 asamakku)

[personal profile] southerncross 2012-03-27 04:26 pm (UTC)(link)

What's with MinMin singing Hitoshizuku's songs these daaaaays ;;;;; It makes me so happy!

And when you said someone's harem, I immediately thought of the person~ LOL.
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[personal profile] rmarques 2012-03-27 10:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Norasenchou needs to stop tagging and naming his songs with other utaite names. :P

(Anonymous) 2012-03-28 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
as an Arashi fan, i just felt compelled to say-- for 【下僕】和尚「You're埋葬www葬wwwwwいつもww」【歌ってみた】
the Arashi song is actually called "A・RA・SHI" xD ... their debut song.
in the chorus of the, instead of "arashi, arashi" like in the original, it's "tamashi, tamashi"

(Anonymous) 2012-03-28 02:26 am (UTC)(link)
Thanks for the correction, I only assumed because of the title. I'll fix it as soon as I can log in properly.

- nikki

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't KuroUsaP compose Sakura Hitohira for the Mitani Nana Golden Best album (http://www.avexnet.or.jp/mitaninana/index.html)?

(Anonymous) 2012-03-28 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
It's the bonus track for Mitani Nana's CD. Did you need clarification on anything?

- nikki

[personal profile] blackrock 2012-03-28 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
oh I see... yeah, thanks.