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RubberJohnny, VocaloP YM's Rock Band, to Release an Album Nationwide

RubberJohnny is a rock band consisting of 3 members, Yoshiya Murai (vocals & bass), Yuusuke Satou (chorus & drums), and Naoya Satou (chorus & guitar). Yoshiya Murai is also known the Vocaloid producer YM. RubberJohnny was formed in 2006, and while they took a hiatus in 2009, they resumed activities in 2012. They are based in Akita and often perform in livehouses there.

From left to right is Yoshiya, Yuusuke, and Naoya

On March 2013, they independently produced their first mini album RJ Bandnic. You can listen to one of songs from the album Sensational on their audioleaf page. While this first album was self-released and hard to find, their second album RJ Bandnics 2 will be sold nationwide and will be avaliable at Japanese webstores. This release is under the label N&N's Records. The album goes on sale September 18th, 2013. The album features "dance-able, catchy rock tunes" composed by Yoshiya Murai (YM).

Fans of YM's Vocaloid works should definitely check them out!

Rubber Johnny's Official Site

RJ Bandnics 2 Tracklist
01. Baka Resistance
02. Furidashi on Gong
03. 80's Warrior
04. Mask
05. sad song
06. Zanshin

Release Date: September 18th, 2013
Price: 1,500 yen

Store links:
HMV | CDJapan | Amazon JP