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Fullkawa Honpo Triple Release "SKIRT", "STORYWRITER", and "SOUP"

This fall, Fullkawa Honpo will release three CDs. Two are limited run exclusive singles and one is a full length album.

SKIRT is a HMV exclusive single that goes on sale September 4th. STORYWRITER is a Tower Records exclusive single that goes on sale October 2nd. Both are limited to 1,000 copies per store. Fullkawa's third full length major album SOUP goes on sale November 6th. It is not an exclusive album, so it should be available at many import stores. These CDs are released under Fullkawa's own label under SPACE SHOWER MUSIC called "". PV animations are by gaph, Fullkawa's design team.

Unlike his previous albums, these CDs will only feature vocals by Kikuchi Ryota, who is also known as Buzz Panda. The single "STORYWRITER" features a version of "Yoru to Nijiiro" featuring Kikuchi Ryota's own guitar accompaniment.

Fullkawa Honpo: Official Site
Kikuchi Ryota (Buzz Panda): Tumblr

SKIRT (HMV Exclusive Single)
Release date: September 4th, 2013
Price: 1,050 yen
Catalog Code: PECF-3055

01. Skirt
02. Chloe
03. Mahou (for rk)

Store Link: HMV

STORYWRITER (Tower Records Exclusive Single)
Release date: October 2nd, 2013
Price: 1,050 yen
Catalog Code: PECF-2060

01. Storywriter
02. Hotaru to Hikari
03. Yoru to Nijiiro (retake)

Store Link: Tower Records Japan (No International Shipping)

SOUP (Album)
Release date: November 6th, 2013
Price: 2,500 yen
Catalog code: PECF-3062

02. Ai no Ikemono
03. HOME
04. Tokyo Hiyori
05. orbital
06. emma brown
07. Kareru You ni Moeru Yoru wa
08. Storywriter
09. Anne=Sullivan no Kyuujitsu
10. SOUP

Store Links & First Press Bonuses:
Tower Records: Singalong CD "Gregorio feat. Chibita & FUllkawa Honpo", postcard
HMV: Singalong CD "Girlfriend feat. Chibita & FUllkawa Honpo", postcard
Tsutaya: Singalong CD "Ai no Kemono feat. Chibita & FUllkawa Honpo", postcard (RESERVATIONS CLOSED)
Village Vanguard Online: Singalong CD "KAMAKURA feat. Chibita & FUllkawa Honpo", sticker
CDJapan: None

Note: only HMV & CDJapan ships internationally without a middleman service. I can help you if you would like to order from the listed stores.

Here are some PVs of some of the songs in the singles and albums.

Information from Cinra.

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Tears of joy (;´∀`)
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