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Weekly Utaran #291 Write-up

The Utattemita Ranking lists the most popular utattemita videos of the week. There are four parts in the ranking. The first part is the new upload ranking which are 15 of the most popular songs uploaded that week. The second part is the overall weekly ranking which are 30 of the most popular songs of the week regardless of their upload date. The third part is history, or the top 5 songs of the week a year before. The fourth part is pick-up wherein there are 5 unranked songs (including the ED) which are the uploader's choices.

Movements in the overall ranking are described as follows:
↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

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01. 【薛南】Jutenija を多重録音で歌ってみた【民族調祭り】
Jutenija - Setsunan
DATEKEN original
• overall rank: 31
• This is surprisingly good. The pitching is a bit shaky at first, but as Setsunan gains momentum, the result is almost magical, especially the chorus. The instrumentation (which is a bit different arrangement from the original) helped give the song an airy feel.

02. 少女は夜と鮮やかにを歌ってみた(byレジ)
Shoujo wa Yoru to Azayaka ni - Reji
Matica original
• overall rank: 32
• Reji's voice here is naturally high as in most of her songs, but surprisingly, it's been cushioned a bit to sound softer than the hard guitars of the melody. It's amazing how she manages to reach all those high notes in a fast-paced song, but she does it well. The song isn't special since it sounds like most Vocaloid rock songs we have previously heard, but the traditional sound subtly mixed in the rockish sounds give it a unique feel.

03. オペラ歌手&デスボ歌手がアナ雪「とびら開けて」コラヴォオオオオオオ
Tobira Akete -opera and death voice version- - Inoue Yuda and Tarachi
• original song from Frozen
• overall rank: 39
• This is the Japanese version of "Love Is an Open Door" and I have no words.

04. 【らいる】 Inner Arts 【歌ってみた】
Inner Arts - Rairu
Jin original
• overall rank: 41
• Rai has a gentle voice that reminds me of Amatsuki but still on a much lighter flavor. Somehow it feels weird hearing a Jin song lacking power, but surprisingly it works pretty well. He hits his notes well and he isn't afraid to stretch his voice hence he doesn't sound suppressed or breathy. It's a cover that's nice to the ears.

05. 【ゆめこ】ロスタイムメモリー【ショタってみた】
Lost Time Memory - Yumeco
Jin original
• overall rank: 43
• This is sung in a shota/loli voice which isn't really my cup of tea but somehow it sounds endearing especially when she starts humming randomly.

06. 【kain】 ゴーストサプリ 第2話 -副作用- 【歌ってみた】
Ghost Supplement Dai Ni-wa -Fukusayou- - kain
Fantastic Planets original
• overall rank: 44
• This is really nice on the ears primarily because of the soft tones of the melody (from the bass to the light guitar) and kain's softened voice. The low notes are a bit unstable, but those are far in between. The rest is gentle and somehow I don't remember kain being this good of a singer. He really has improved a lot.

07. 【アナと雪の女王】 とびら開けて 歌ってみた 【スタンガン×Galyu】
Tobira Akete - Stungun and Galyu
• original from the movie Frozen
• overall rank: 46
• Welcome to gutterville, I mean...there wasn't a lot of singing at first but when it started it was almost amazing because of the "Ana" part's high notes.

08. とびら開けてを歌ってみた【王定六】
Tobira Akete - Madogiwatte
• original from the movie Frozen
• overall rank: 47
• He sounds amazing to be honest. He sounds almost like those old anime singers and it's wonderful, but he's singing alone and the Ana part is mute lmao.

09. 『アナと雪の女王』「Let It Go」日本語版 全部俺
Let It Go - Keito
• original from the movie Frozen
• overall rank: 60
• This is done in a capella with the multiple backup vocals and main vocals done by just one person. The voice is not as strong or impressive, but the fact that he can do multiple voice levels is amazing in itself.

10. 【バル】「ib-インスタントバレット-」を歌ってみた。
ib - Instant Bullet - Baru
• Akasaka Aka original
• overall rank: 68
• I still love Baru and her vibrant vocals, and I'm glad she used a deeper voice here, but somehow it feels like she should've made her deep voice a bit fuller to match the jazz rhythms and low bass.

11. 【聖Smiley学園】Happy Chime歌ってみました☆【犬飼一美】
Happy Chime - Kogeinu
• This is a song for St. Smiley Gakuen.
• overall rank: 70
• Somehow Kogeinu sounded more loli than shota over time it's messing with my mind LOL. This isn't very intriguing or noteworthy for me, primarily because of the overuse of cute factor and autotune. However, it can't be denied that it's an amusing thing to listen to and watch.

12. 【1人8役】 割と自由に『とびら開けて』歌ってみた 【hal】
Tobira Akete -8 voices- - hal
• original from Frozen
• overall rank: 72
• I laughed out loud at the first part. The male voice sounds great but the female voice...but then there were more characters and I don't know anymore LOL. It's certainly one of the most entertaining covers of this song that I've heard.

13. すこし語りながら ゴーストサプリ 第1話 -正夢- 歌ってみた【あう】
Ghost Supplement Dai-Ichi-wa -Masayume- - Au
Fantastic Planets original
• overall rank: 80
• Au is one of the utaite I've started watching before because of the fast way she's improving with her voice control and range. This song is another proof of her constant growth. The narration was impeccably inviting, but the rising tempo and pitch of the song and the way she manages to catch up to it to a grand chorus are all impressive. She has retained her thin, girly voice from before instead of opting for a deeper register, but it works well because she sings so clearly.

14. 【栗プリン・わたあめ・sunsea・はるもにか】Parallel hearts歌ってみた。
Parallel Hearts - collaboration
• original by FictionJunction
• overall rank: 85
This is a collaboration among Wataame, Kuripurin, sunsea, and Harmonica. I've been a fan of Wataame's solid singing and Kuripurin's thin but powerful voice so this one is a treat. It just seems that it started off heavy and they didn't manage to up the spirt of the song until the end. The song was originally dragging because of the heavy, slow vocals against the ringing melody, and somehow they made it even heavier. It's probably because of the mixing (where there is a lingering echo that makes the voices a bit blurred together). However, their range and power are still great.

15. 【歌ってみた】アナと雪の女王 生まれてはじめて【38番】
Umarete Hajime - 38-ban
• original from Frozen
• overall rank: 91
• This is just a pleasure to listen to! It's simply sung but it sounds so pretty.


01. 【クサメタルアレンジ】Let it Goを炎属性にするとこうなる【鋼兵】
Let It Go -metal arrange- - Kouhei
• original from the movie Frozen

02. 【しゃけみー】生まれてはじめて を【効果音全部俺で歌ってみた。】
Umarete Hajimete wo - Shakemi
• original from the movie Frozen

03. 天体観測(cover) 夏代孝明
Tentaikansoku - Natsushiro
• original by Bump of Chicken

04. ポケモンLet It Go 歌ってみた
Let It Go -Pokemon ver- - Funiimouto
• original from the movie Frozen

05. 【ゆめこ】メカクシティアクターズOP「daze」act 01 SP ver.【歌ってみた】
Mekakucity Actors -daze- - Yumeco

06. 【しゃけみー】とびら開けて を【効果音全部俺で歌ってみた。】
Tobira Akete - Shakemi
• original from the movie Frozen

07. 【うたプリ】ポワゾンKISSを歌って作ってみた【全部俺】
Poisson KISS - Yunao
• original from Uta no Prince-sama
• Yunao sang all the parts himself. It's really awesome.

08. 【しゃけみー】Let It Go を【効果音全部俺で歌ってみた。】
Let It Go - Shakemi
• original from the movie Frozen

09. 『Let It Go』をwwwウザさMAXで歌ってみたったwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Let It Go - cupula
• original from the movie Frozen

10. 【オリジナルPV】毒林檎とシンデレラ 歌ってみた【luz】
Doku Ringo to Cinderella - luz
Yuzuhiko original

11. スパークガールシンドローム 歌ってみた【りぶ】
Spark Girl Syndrome - Rib
Hinata Denkou original

12. 「ドーナツホール」を歌ってみた。KK
Donut Hole - KK
Hachi original

13. ヘンリー・キャット 歌ってみた【そらる】
Henry Cat - Soraru
YASUHIRO original

14. 赤飯が ストリーミングハート を歌いました。
Streaming Heart - Sekihan
DECO*27 original

15. ✿ 吉原ラメント 歌ってみた ver.花たん
Yoshiwara Lament - Hanatan
Asa original

16. ◆ウミユリ海底譚  歌ってみました【あいす】
Umiyuri Kaiteitan - Aisu
Nabuna original

17. メアの教育 歌ってみた-遊
Mae no Kyouiku - Yuu
Diarays original

18. ストリーミングハート@歌ってみた【まふまふ】
Streaming Heart - Mafumafu
DECO*27 original

19. 【全30曲】2014春アニメの曲をまとめてコラボ
2014 Spring Anime Theme Collaboration
• original songs from various anime series

20. 【アナと雪の女王】 とびら開けて 歌ってみた 【そらるとろん】
Tobira Akete - Soraru and Lon
• original from Frozen

21. 【実際に俺が言われた悪口だけで】Let It Go【歌ってみた】
Let It Go - knosuke
• original from Frozen

22. 独りで【男声合唱】少年時代
Shounen Jidai - shuttoken

23. 【※百合注意】 マトリョシカ 【ギリギリあうと】
Matryoshka - Nechan-san and Kurousagi Uru
Hachi original

24. 『ロストワンの号哭』を歌わせて頂きました。灯油
Lost One no Goukoku - Touyu
Neru original

25. 【アナ雪】「とびら開けて」1人で歌ったけどなんか違う。タイ焼き屋
Tobira Akete - Taiyakiya
• original from Frozen

26. 神のまにまに 歌ってみた【りぶ×伊東歌詞太郎】
Kami no Manimani - Rib and Itou Kashitarou
Rerulili original

27. 【アナと雪の女王】ドナルドダックが『Let It Go』を歌ってみた。
Let It Go - Kousuke
• original from Frozen

28. さよならワンダーノイズ 歌ってみた。
Sayonara Wonder Noise - nameless
Nabuna original

29. 電波中毒ガール 歌ってみた らむだーじゃん
Denpa Chuudoku Girl - Rumdarjun
zakooon original

30. 【ニコニコラボ】Blessing【SINGERS ver.A】
BLESSINGS - collaboration
• This is an original song composed by halyosy. This has three versions and this one includes singers like Aoi, Amatsuki, Kiyo, 96neko, Kogeinu, tama, nero, Natsushiro, vip-tenchou, mi-chan, melochin, yuge, etc.


01. Oshakashama (Swy)
02. Karakuri Pierrot (Gero)
03. Guren no Yumiya (Funiimouto)
04. A Leaf Letter (Itou Kashitarou)
05. Kashokusei: Idol Shoukougun (Underbar)


01. Osorezan Revoir (Sakuya)
02. Tatoeba, Ima Koko ni Okareta Hana ni (Espei)
03. Sidonia (Yama-san)
04. POP STAR (Jun Hanaue)