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Utaite-voiced UTAUloids

Wahaha. This is a dream come true... utaite and UTAU together... it's beautiful man... ಥ_ಥ So I'm sure some people may or may not know, that some utaite(/singing producer(/whatever you classify Re:nG as orz)) voiced UTAUloids. I'm going to introduce three of them (who are the only ones I know): Soune Renzi (voiced by Re:nG), Soune Ria (voiced by Re:A), and Mitani Nana (voiced by Mitani Nana).


Name Interpretation: Soune - Paired Sound (双 - pair, 音 - sound). His name is officially written in Romaji is Renzi.
Gender: male
Optional Accessory: keytar

Renzi is portrayed as easygoing by fans.

sample songs

SOUNE RIA (双音リア)

Name Interpretation: Soune - Paired Sound (双 - pair, 音 - sound).
Gender: female
She is as bungling and tsundere as the real Re:A is.

sample songs


Name Interpretation: Her name is the same as her voicer, but Nana is in Katakana rather than Hiragana.
Gender: female

Nana's personality was not defined by the author.

sample songs

This is my first post here. :D;;; Sorry I didn't really put much description for all of them, but they do sound like their voice source! xD
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[personal profile] fascinates 2010-09-05 03:47 am (UTC)(link) Renzi *_*. I am not even an Re:NG fan xDD;.

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wow i didn't know that Re:nG and Re:A had UTAUs ... sounds great though.

there's this 'ureine usa' thing going to be released by usa colony this winter. sounds like an UTAU voiced by usa XD

i'm interested in hearing it ... (well, if it's an UTAU).
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Hm... In my ears Nana sounds the best out of them because her voice is clear and not so "Utau-like". I'm not very familiar with the others and they're Utattemita's though I'm gonna check them ;D