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This writeup has been sitting in my computer for months now, because I was too busy to get around to posting it ;;. I'm sorry I only had the chance to update and post this now.

S!N (pronounced SIN) is actually a rather seasoned but underappreciated utaite, having celebrated his second year anniversary last December. He is uploaded a ton of covers since then, usually touching the popular works and sometimes parodies of well-known songs. His uploads fluctuate in terms of views--he usually gains ample but less than 10k views, but a surprise hit would sometimes give him up to 20k views.

S!N's voice is often described as deep, cool and sexy, with his vocal quality placed among the ranks ikemen voices like ASK, Faneru, etc. However, he's also similar to them in the sense that he likes singing parodies or suddenly changing his pitch/tone in the middle of the song. Because of this, most people would comment that "he's wasting his wonderful voice" in his parodies. When he sings ballads in high notes, he seemingly sounds like KK although his voice is usually deeper. He is also quite good at singing rock with a rough voice and also does a good job with rapping. His voice wavers a bit in high and/or long notes, but he manages to cover those up with inexplicable smoothness. He seemed to have tried a lot of genres in covering songs: ballads, rock songs, near-screamo, raps, jazz, although it seems that his voice sounds perfect in jazz rock songs.

S!N participates a lot in collaborations and duets, but he sings perfectly well on his own. If you look at his mylist, you can see his gradual development from being a shaky singer to being a wonderfully smooth vocalist, especially in ballads. His sudden pitch changes and adlibs might be distracting, but those are traits only his own and are enjoyable in a way.

sample covers:
Karakuri Pierrot (40mP original)
Kimi he ( feat. Ringo Juice; RetasuP original)
j e l L y (TaP original)
Abstract Nonsense (Neru original)
Envy Catwalk -rap ver- (Tohma original)

nikki says
I've seen S!N's name a lot in rankings, but I first properly listened to him in his upload of "Abstract Nonsense," which is one of my Neru favorites. He reminded me so much of ASK, it's not even funny XD. Admittedly, his uploads are a hit or miss for me; it's either I like it very much or I don't like it at all. The ones I listed above are my personal favorites. I also think he should use his voice to the fullest instead of doing parodies, but I enjoyed his parodies a lot, lilts and random note changes included XD;.
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Kony is quite known in the utattemita community. He has been uploading since 2010 but at that span of time, he has created a following for himself. Kony's voice is high-pitched. At times, I'm reminded of Amu during his covers. His voice fits the ballads he usually covers like celluloid and rain stops, good-bye.

Kony's covers are very unique, to say the least. He has also uploaded some parodies every now and then, one of them is a parody of Suki Kirai. He has an impressive ability to change his voice. It can range from the deeper, manly voice to a childlike high-pitched voice. Some of his parodies would have him saying random lines. Another thing that sets Kony apart from other utaite are his omake after the covers. His omake are usually funny so imagine how surprising it is to hear it after a serious song.

Kony has a lot of friends that he collaborates with like Amatsuki and Soraru but probably the most famous is his duets with Yuuto. His voice fits Yuuto's voice very well that I always look forward to their uploads.

sample songs:
Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman
rain stops, good-bye
Nisoku Hokou

Petenshi ga warau koro ni -with Yuuto-
Chocolate Train -with Yuuto
Maji Love 1000% -with Shamuon, maro., Yuuto, Rib, Amatsuki-

len says

I know of Kony because of the Your Highness, My Princess collaboration. He's one of those utaite, though not a favorite, I listen to all his covers. I was really amused to hear an omake after a song when I checked out his mylist. I listened to rain stops, good-bye and suddenly, Pero Pero played.

I really like his ballads a lot because he sounds so sweet in them. He can also sing upbeat songs cutely as well. To be honest, I'm not really a huge fan of parodies but Kony's are something that I enjoy because of his talent with producing different voices.
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KK / けけ

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KK is not as popular as other male utaite in the utattemita community, but recently he has been gaining remarkable increase in view counts and fans. He is probably most known for his cover of Envy Catwalk wherein he showed off his unique singing style.

KK started uploading his Vocaloid covers in Nico Nico Douga sometime in 2009. He is known for emotionally singing ballads. He has a deep and slightly husky voice that remains unique to him although sometimes he shares vocal similarities with Tourai, Xiao, and sometimes even halyosy. He is known for his wonderful vibrato, especially in ballads. He can hold his high notes really well and has an interesting way of pinching his voice that makes his covers sound a bit RnB-ish.

Although KK's voice is more fit to sing ballads, he has recently begun covering fast-paced and strong rock songs. His singing style changes these songs from something powerful and sharp to something a bit gentler and smoother, which is really awesome. No matter what type of song he sings, he manages to tame it down and make it more suave--a really good twist to hear especially in well-covered bandwagon songs.

KK has no solo albums of his own, although he has participated in Utattemita Gentei's album "Alternative". He has also collaborated with some singers and has taken a particular interest in collaborating with Vocaloid producer yukkedoluce and singing most of the P's works.

sample songs
A. Solos
Starduster (JimmythumbP original)
Kimi ga Suki (yukkedoluce original)
WATERISE (NataP original)
Bokura no Let it Be (Harry original)
Waltz of Anomalies (Nanou original)

B. Collabs
Here (with ZERO; KEI original)
Sekai no Hajimari (with Keysuke; whoo original)
11-kaime no Uchuu to Lovere (with Chomaiyo; yukkedoluce original)

nikki says:
I actually knew of KK when yukkedoluce excitedly tweeted about his "Kimi ga Suki" cover and was curious because not many people covered the song then (I knew only of Asamaru). And I'm glad I did check him out because I was most impressed. Since then, KK had been my go-to for country-ish covers of ballads. I like how he manages to make his covers unique because of his slightly rough voice that creates an RnB-ish/country-ish feel to every song. I was most surprised when he not only started covering rock songs but really did well in singing them! I was first reluctant to listen to his stronger covers because I thought it wouldn't fit his voice, but his "Envy Catwalk" proved otherwise, didn't it?
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天月 / Amatsuki

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Amatsuki is quite known in the Nicodou community even though he only started as an utaite in 2010. He is also one of the younger-sounding voices in the community. Initially entering NND as a namahousou personality in 2009, Amatsuki decided to cover songs in 2010 and gained an impressive view count. Since then, he has been covering songs although he's also quite active in namahousou.

Amatsuki's voice is often describe as cute, innocent-sounding, and boyish, hence he is often lumped with similarly voiced ShounenT. He has a gentle voice that lacks sharpness or power, so he sounds best with ballads, jazz or pop songs. However, he has a penchant for singing loud, rock songs. Because of his softer than usual voice, his rock songs tend to lack power, but that doesn't mean that they're bad. In actuality, he sings rock songs quite well with a certain sweetness that is not often heard in rock covers, making his covers quite unique and interesting to listen to. He also tends to sound a bit awkward in the start of songs, especially if they're with fast paced lyrics or very low notes, but he always catches himself midway and hits both super high and low notes really wonderfully. Very rarely, he sings with a deeper "ikemen voice" although he usually does it to match his collab partner.

Amatsuki is currently a 20-year old university student standing at 176 cm. He likes pudding, yakiniku, melon and Elmo. His fascination with Elmo and his way of imitating Elmo's voice causes his fans to draw him always with Elmo.

sample songs
A. Solos
orange (ShounenT original)
I Love You, I Need You (KEI original)
Usotsuki (Tsunamaru original)
Maigo Life (NishizawasanP original)
Tokyo Teddy Bear (Neru original)

B. Collabs
Sakujitsu no Matsuri (with Shamuon; MygodP original)
Akatsuki Arrival (with ShounenT; Last Note. original)
Nekomimi Archive (with Itou Kashitarou; KusoinakaP original)
Ai to Nasu to Heiwa na Kajitsu Rap Arrange (with Hashiyan; saiB original)

nikki says
I've listened to all of Amatsuki's uploads from his very first up to his recent upload. He is one of the utaite I have followed since he was new so he holds a really special place in my heart even though I don't mention him as one of my utmost favorites. When I first listened to his cover of "Limit Friends", I thought he has a cute way of singing (almost impertinent, pouty-sounding) and I thought it was interesting, since there's not many singers who sang that way back then. Eventually, I got hooked to listening to him and I'm always surprised by his song choices. Nevertheless, it's my forever opinion that he will always sound adorable whether he sings rock or upbeat songs or ballads XD;. There are many utaite who try to sound cute when singing cutesy pop songs and fail, but with Amatsuki, I think it's a given talent already XD;. Currently, my most favorite cover by him would be "Usotsuki". I just wish he won't get stuck with covering popular songs and be a bit more adventurous with his choices.
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Eal / エアル

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Eal is not a new utaite, having started uploading his covers in Nico Nico Douga sometime late 2010. However, he is not as prolific as other utaite, so his mylist only has around eight covers. Still, that doesn't mean they pale in comparison to other singers'. You might have heard of Eal from his collaboration cover of Maji Love 1000% with Tane, Ahou no Sakata, Urata, Keysuke, and Rimokon.

Eal's voice is deep, throaty, and as most people say, erotic in a good way. He can be likened to Dasoku/Panyo in terms of "emakoi-ness" (ero + umai + kakkoii) but his voice is a bit higher and younger. He also has a distinct drawl which you can hear in especially low notes. His long notes are not impressive, but he has a way of making his breathless end notes sound amazingly enamoring. Eal usually sings rockish and jazzy songs, but he also has sung ballads. He also usually sings per request in his mylist. He used to sing with people in Skype kara namahousou but recently, he mostly does idle talk with his listeners instead.

According to his Nicopedia entry, he is around 25-34 years old, with blood type AB. He is also from Osaka.

sample songs
Poker Face (YuchaP original)
Shinpakusuu #0822 (Papiyon original)
Yogoreta Prism (NioP original)
Matryoshka (hachi original)
Eh? Aa, Sou. (Papiyon original)

nikki says
I'm thankful to Maji Love 1000% for introducing me to Eal, although I'm ashamed I only heard of him now D:. As someone who likes voices which are more of Keysuke-Clear range, it's a bit of a surprise that I liked Eal's voice the first time I heard him but I really do. He sounds shaky at times, especially at powerful/high stuff, but he makes up for it by adlibbing or adding interesting breathy sounds to his songs XD;. If you like voices like Mi-chan's, Dasoku's, Panyo's, etc., do check Eal's works out and I don't think you'll regret it.
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Shoose / しゅーず

| mylist | community

Shoose has been uploading covers in Nico Nico Douga since 2009, but has only gained ample attention recently, possibly due to the constant improvement of his covers in terms of voice and mixing. He debuted with his cover of innisfree's Ocean, where he was praised to have a wonderfully soothing low voice and it was wished that he'll sing more and he'll have a better mixer soon.

Shoose's voice is low and syrupy (or okay, sultry, but that adjective applies more to females) with a slight drawl at super low parts and a distinct roughness, especially apparent when he's singing changing pitches. His voice quality can be likened to Soraru or Inakamono, but with a more boyish quality. While he has a really good low voice, his high reach is pretty limited so he doesn't sing songs with super high notes or he adjusts them to fit his range. Despite that, he shows wonderful voice control that doesn't sound strained at drastic tone changes or stray high notes.

His choice of songs to cover are usually ballads, light/slow rock, and pop songs. Shoose likes collaborating with many people and is always in a duet or chorus. His earliest cover partner is nata, and since then he has collaborated with various utaite such as Miichi (31), Any, and Aisu.

sample covers

A. Solos
Interviewer (KuwagataP original)
Sweet's Beast (MendayP original)
Hello/How Are You? (HoehoeP original)
Kimi no Te, Boku no Te

B. Collabs
Mr. Music (Rerulili original; with KK, Pogo, Yurin, etc.)
Invisible (kemu original; with Aisu)
Nakimushi Kareshi (HoneyWorks original; with Miichi)
Summer Rain (Nem original; with Sama)

nikki says
I noticed Shoose because he has managed to cover "Sweet's Beast", which remains one of the songs that only has a couple of good covers in NND's (the other one is Shell's. I really like utaite with deep, relaxing voices and Shoose is one of those. Although his covers are a hit or miss with me, I appreciate how he has grown so much since he first uploaded a cover. It's just sad that he only gained attention now, probably because he only covers popular songs, but his voice is so worth a listen that I hope he attracts a lot of people's ears and hearts eventually.
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Rishe hasn't been around a long time but she's definitely someone that people should listen to. Her voice is in the mid-range, a little near Yamai's range. She has a whispery voice which is perfect for ballads. What is also impressive with Rishe is that she can cover different kinds of songs. She can sing cute ones like PONPONPON, sexy ones like Risky Game and sad ones like bouquet. She falls short on electronic pop songs though like HachioujiP originals because her voice doesn't fit autotuning. Also, the autotune hides the beauty of her voice.

If you'll be very nitpicky with Rishe's covers, you might not like them because there are times where she fails to reach the notes or keep at pace with fast lines. However, the overall feel of her songs is beautiful that you can let it pass. In her ballads, she has the ability to let the listener feel the mood and emotion of the song.

What surprised me about Rishe is her participation in a collab of Rin-chan Nau. She didn't strike as the type who would cover the song. It showed a different side. She was able to deliver Miku's lines effortlessly.

She's not active in doing lives. It seems that when she does, she usually does it with her fellow utaite like eclair and Glutamine.

sample songs

bouquet (doriko original)
fix (keeno original)
(It's not) World's End (nanou original)
Risky Game (kurousaP original)
Aa, Subarashii Nyansei -with Shin Shakaijin- (Nem original)
Rin-chan Nau -with eclair, mao, Yuuto and Glutamine- (Owata original)

len says

When I chose Rishe to feature in this week's spotlight, I didn't know she was celebrating her second anniversary on February 16th. At least I was able to write about her in time for that. I first knew of Rishe because she was in the Smiling Re:Member version collaboration. I didn't visit her mylist though because she didn't really stand out in that collaboration. But when I was searching for covers of bouquet, I stumbled upon her version and I was amazed.

I listened to her whole list and her covers are a hit and miss for me. With Rishe, I think it all boils down to song choice. If she would choose songs that won't require her to hit very high notes or at least make the pitch lower, then she would be able to deliver a lot of popular covers. I'm looking forward to more covers from her.
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It's fitting to write about maro. since he'll be celebrating his second year on February 15. He is one of those types that have that ikemen voice perfect for sexy covers like in Ee A Sou and SPICE. He doesn't have a wide range but his voice is very soothing that it fits gentle voices like Ryo-kun and Inakamono.

The good thing about maro. is that as time goes by, his uploads have improved. The mixing probably helped but his voice quality has become better as well. There were instances that his voice was pitchy, this is because he chooses songs that requires him to hit high notes. As long as he chooses songs within his range, it'll turn out great. Ballads and acoustic arranged songs fit him a lot. He's not bad with rock songs but it should be those low range ones so he won't sound strained.

maro. released an album with Ryo-kun called a.c.t. You can listen to the crossfade demo here.

He's said to live in the Kansai area. He likes curry rice and he dislikes tomatoes.

sample songs

Blackjack (YuchaP original)
Shiryokusensa (40mP original)
Shinpakusuu #0822 (papiyon original)
Doku Ringo to Cinderella (yuzuhiko original)
Shinkaron: code variant - with Ryo-kun- (ORYO original)
Kagayaku Mirai -with Mes- (I See the Light -Japanese ver- from Tangled)

len says
I first found out of maro. because of his collab with Ryo-kun. I started following his uploads too. I like his Doku Ringo to Cinderella a lot. To really appreciate maro., one has to listen from his first upload up to the present because you will really hear the improvement in his voice.

I also like the covers he has collaborated with male utaite. Somehow, I think maro's voice fits more with males than with females. He has done collabs with Mes, Wataame and Kuxia but it didn't impress me as much as his collabs with the males.
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Having celebrated her first anniversary last January 10th, Rui is considered fairly new in the utattemita scene. Even if she's just new, she is a very promising singer that there are a lot of fans who are noticing her. Her voice is very rich and distinct so it's hard to compare her to other utaite. Her voice can be likened to Riseha and Saiya but it's fuller than theirs. She doesn't force herself to reach the high notes so it doesn't strain her voice.

In a period of one year, Rui has a small mylist. Despite this, she rendered each cover beautifully. The good thing about Rui's choice of songs is that it fits her voices. She adds uniqueness to songs by including adlibs like saying "I love you" at the end of Track.

Rui and Nano are good friends. Nano listens and comments in Rui's lives as well as collaborated with her. They sometimes hang out in real life as well.

Rui usually sings during her lives. She even takes requests from her listeners.

sample songs
Trick Art! (DATEKEN original)
Risky Game (Kurousa original)
Track (KEI original)
glow (keeno original)
Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei -with nano- (Nem original)

sample songs
I knew of Rui because [personal profile] dakedo is a very big fan. I visited her mylist and saw the she covered Trick Art! by DATEKEN. For me, Trick Art! is very hard to cover because a lot of people have the tendency to eat the words in the song. Naturally, her Trick Art! is my favorite cover of that song.

What I really like about Rui's voice is that it's different from what I usually hear from female utaite. She doesn't overdo her covers and her voice matches the emotion of the song.

Special thanks to [personal profile] dakedo and [personal profile] thelittleone for helping me with the spotlight.
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630 (read as Romio) is a female utaite who has been active since 2008. The origin of her name is that on her first first upload, she mistakenly wrote the date as "6/30" instead of "6/03".

630 has a light and airy voice, somewhat similar to utaite like Himawari, Ritsuka, and Chata. She often sings at a high register and can reach high notes with ease. Her singing style tends to lack power, but she makes it up with her harmonies and versatility. She can sing in a cute voice, but she can also sound haunting, or even creepy like her Mugen Nostalgia. She can sing quite well in English and does it quite often. She has a bit of an accent, but it only adds to her charm.

Her early uploads aren't as impressive as her more recent works probably because she used a Skype microphone to record. Despite that they're still worth a listen.

She has several collaborations with Vocaloid producer fatmanP. She even provided the vocals for the NNI version of his popular song Discommunication. Utaite Namakonyuruko has some collaborations with 630. Their voices and both soft and similar, blending quite well. She also has participated in Fullkawa Honpo's alta mugs and Alice in wonderword albums.

sample songs
A. Solo Songs
Sayonara Midnight (Oshiba Hiroki original; Rerulili arrangement)
Blue/Green (AVTechno! original)
DANCE (R&B Cover) (LovelyP original)
Shiryosuru Zombie (FICUSEL original)

B. Collaborations
CRAWL (with Namakoryuruko; Fullkawa Honpo original)
GiRL (fatmanP collaboration)
A Boy may cry (fatmanP collaboration)
Hiseiton Kuiki (AnmakuP collaboration)

Stephie says
I only recently learned about 630. My first 630 song was her version of mugs on Fullkawa Honpo's album Alice in wonderword. It quickly became my favorite track on that CD and I really liked her "English singing" voice.... if that makes sense. While she can sing a variety of genres, I find that her voice best suits songs with a subdued atmosphere. I feel like it really shows off the beauty in her voice, and additionally the lack of "power" in her singing is more obvious in rock songs (for example). I absolutely loooove her cover of Rerulili's Sayonara Midnight. I hope she covers more songs like it. Also I've been looping her fatmanP collab songs a lot!


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