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I had a discussion with [livejournal.com profile] one1110 and [personal profile] the_desserter in Twitter regarding AVTechNo this evening and while I was waiting for more information, Miku Blog already covered it so I decided to go ahead and post here.

This evening, AVTechNo! appeared to have deleted his whole mylist from Nico Nico Douga save for collab works and mixing for utaite. His videos have also been deleted as I checked. I have looked for popular ones like DYE and free and they're not there anymore (or privated, I'm not sure). He also deleted his twitter and emptied his old blog (according to reports) but his Youtube channel, his website and his new blog next remains. In his blog, the last entry says he plans on writing an apology to everyone and so far, everyone's perplexed on why this is happening.

Some people in 2ch and other sites said that AV-san had a namahousou/Ustream sometime ago where he said his plans of composing songs for other music genre like club or house music and said his intentions of retiring for a bit, erasing everything and starting from scratch. Of course, the listeners tried dissuading him but that was probably what happened now. He had also said in his new blog that he plans on starting anew, and removing his old songs is probably a step to that. It is said that he plans on restarting next year. (Note that I haven't listened to the nama nor do I have evidences of AV-san saying it for real so these are all deductions.

Despite that, he still plans on going through with his CD sale during winter Comiket and all his KarenT/iTunes/shop CDs are intact. His discography in his website is replaced with the KarenT page, though.

If anyone knows more information regarding this, please feel free to share. Other than that, no one really knows what specifically happened and no one has responded to my questions in twitter yet so I guess all we can do is wait.

The original entry in Miku Blog is here.

11/29 update:
I was referred by [personal profile] jakuu to Treow's tweets regarding this matter and while he did not say anything in detail, he gave his insights and assurances to the fans. His tweets state that AVTechNo's deletion of his uploads was an impulsive action due to emotional stress and AV-san's currently reflecting on that now. As for his retirement from Nico Nico Douga (at present), it appears unrelated to business-related issues. AV-san will definitely update his new blog about the changes, so he's asking everyone to watch quietly as he takes a break and focuses his effort on recovery. Treow also said that AVTechNo has a positive outlook when it comes to producing music so he will definitely be okay in that department.
tweet 1, tweet 2

11/30 update:
I'm sorry I was late in seeing AV-san's blog entry. It's not related to his whole "hiatus" issue but it adds to the issue. AV-san apologized to his fans about his abrupt decisions and stated he'll think things through. But in the meantime, someone left him comments regarding his song "DYE" and a certain Kat-tun song. Apparently, the two songs sound almost identical. Of course, he was shocked.
AVTechNo!'s DYE (released 02/2010)
Kat-tun's Never x Over (released 11/2010)
mashup of both songs by 2ch (thanks to tokiya86 from twitter for the link).
mashup (youtube); mashup w/ individual songs (nicovideo).
a comparison video was uploaded using karaoke tracks of DYE and NEVER x OVER. The DYE instrumental was merged with the split vocals from NEVER x OVER and vice versa.
Note that this is not his reason for his hiatus, as he just recently discovered this. You can read up more on this in [livejournal.com profile] singing_robots here.
AVTechNO!'s entry.

12/01 update:
Kitajima Shizuka, who is also a member of ELECTROCUTICA, posted two tweets regarding the KAT-TUN x AVTechNO! issue. She emphasized that AVTechNO! just posted a post of surprise in his blog, Treow just tweeted about it as well as commented on the status of AV-san's projects, and Shizuka just commented on the musical compositions. They have not, in any way, blamed KAT-TUN (the singers) or accused them openly. They understand the feelings of the KAT-TUN fans and are also sad for them. As such, they ask people to hold back and refrain from turning innocent parties into objects of wrath as it would be unreasonable to involve people who are not connected to the ones concerned in the issue (e.g. the copyright holders, the composers and authorities).
tweet 1, tweet 2

Also, unlocking this post as both the hiatus and the other issue is both openly posted in Japanese sites.
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It seems that my translations of radio shows and lives with various utaite (Nico singers) come up on Google search a lot so people have been e-mailing me/commenting since last year about them ^^;. However I haven't really sat down and took the time to give answers and they sort of piled up OTL. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ignore :(. Here's a rundown of some of the questions I've been asked and the answers to them, for everyone's information :).

1. Where do you get downloads?
A few months back, when they weren't so keen on using Nico namahousou, the singers usually have lives streaming in audio players (Winamp, etc.). Unlike in Nicolive where the free streams only last for 30 minutes, streaming shows are continuous so they drag for a long time, the longest I've listened to is...5.5 hours? Anyway, these streams can be saved, so the singers sometimes upload the show to their blogs. Most often, like with the case of DasoClear, their fans upload the shows in their mixi communities under lock.

2. Can you share these files?
No, I cannot. Sorry. The fact that they're shared under lock or that they're removed from public servers are clues enough that it's bad taste to share the shows. I don't know the policy on this, to be honest so I'd rather play safe and not share the files.

3. But isn't translating also the same as sharing the files?
Yes, in a sense it is, that is why I don't translate the whole thing and just bits of the show. I'm contemplating putting them under lock but not yet. We'll see.

4. Will you continue translating past radio shows?
This is a hard one. I would love to but right now, I have too much on my plate. Aside from doing blog stuff and work, I also listen to tons of lives every night that it's hard to keep up with everything all at once XD. If there is demand for it, I will try my best, even just excerpts.

5. Are there lives even now?
Yes, but most of them are in Nico Live, now. You need a Nico Nico Douga account and sometimes, a membership to the community. These lives cannot be saved as easily as previous streams so there's probably no one sharing files of these, afaik. One good thing here is that there are videos now, so you can see the people if they choose to show their faces (uhuhuh ikemen!Dasoku <33).

6. Whose lives are you listening to at present?
I listen to a lot. Whoever is online? LOL. My fixed list is as follows:

Priorities: Clear, Tourai, Gero, Smiley*2, Choucho, Panyo, JimuinG, wowaka ... and Jack when he's singing Namie/enka songs

When priorities aren't online: Valshe, Dasoku, Asamakku, Amu, ShounenT, Soraru, Mucchi, REN, Usa, PUPI, Wotamin, Pokota, Miichan, Urata (very interesting person lol), AtarimeP, Hachi, HYBRID SENSE, Machigerita, FullkawaP, Rerulili, CELO Project, etc.

Note: The utattemita community has nice nicolives, because they feature some less popular artists and they sing in the show :).

7. Will you translate present lives?
Ah. Errr...I admit it's going to be hard for me since I can't save the streams for relistening. The most I can do is time-shifting and while I can rewind/fforward it, I can't repeat the whole thing more than once, I think. So...very small excerpt and trivia, I think, that I'll insert here and there LOL. I don't know how much people want recaps and if it's bad manners to post about lives, to be honest, so I mainly just fangirl by myself or bothering people in skype or plurk.

8. How come you don't post about lives or new Nico stuff here?
Because I might be spamming. LOL. Honestly, who would want short posts about lives and short intros on stuff in their feeds? ^^;. If you really want to be updated or reminded when a live or new songs that are up, I mostly post about new stuff that I like or lives that I follow at twitter.

9. Translate this for me.
Oops! While I do like translating shows and Vocaloid songs ([community profile] onsenjikan), I don't really do translation by request. I'm not very good in Japanese, too, so I make a lot of mistakes (one reason I can't completely translate a radio show). I haven't formally studied Japanese (self-studying while I don't have money lol) so you might want to ask a more professional/able translator for your needs.

Okay, that's a huge backlog of answers there, I sincerely apologize. If you have any more questions, please ask in the comments or by e-mail if it's a personal thing (fascinais at gmail). Thanks!


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