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630 (read as Romio) is a female utaite who has been active since 2008. The origin of her name is that on her first first upload, she mistakenly wrote the date as "6/30" instead of "6/03".

630 has a light and airy voice, somewhat similar to utaite like Himawari, Ritsuka, and Chata. She often sings at a high register and can reach high notes with ease. Her singing style tends to lack power, but she makes it up with her harmonies and versatility. She can sing in a cute voice, but she can also sound haunting, or even creepy like her Mugen Nostalgia. She can sing quite well in English and does it quite often. She has a bit of an accent, but it only adds to her charm.

Her early uploads aren't as impressive as her more recent works probably because she used a Skype microphone to record. Despite that they're still worth a listen.

She has several collaborations with Vocaloid producer fatmanP. She even provided the vocals for the NNI version of his popular song Discommunication. Utaite Namakonyuruko has some collaborations with 630. Their voices and both soft and similar, blending quite well. She also has participated in Fullkawa Honpo's alta mugs and Alice in wonderword albums.

sample songs
A. Solo Songs
Sayonara Midnight (Oshiba Hiroki original; Rerulili arrangement)
Blue/Green (AVTechno! original)
DANCE (R&B Cover) (LovelyP original)
Shiryosuru Zombie (FICUSEL original)

B. Collaborations
CRAWL (with Namakoryuruko; Fullkawa Honpo original)
GiRL (fatmanP collaboration)
A Boy may cry (fatmanP collaboration)
Hiseiton Kuiki (AnmakuP collaboration)

Stephie says
I only recently learned about 630. My first 630 song was her version of mugs on Fullkawa Honpo's album Alice in wonderword. It quickly became my favorite track on that CD and I really liked her "English singing" voice.... if that makes sense. While she can sing a variety of genres, I find that her voice best suits songs with a subdued atmosphere. I feel like it really shows off the beauty in her voice, and additionally the lack of "power" in her singing is more obvious in rock songs (for example). I absolutely loooove her cover of Rerulili's Sayonara Midnight. I hope she covers more songs like it. Also I've been looping her fatmanP collab songs a lot!


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