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Aisu / あいす

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Aisu is a new Nico singer, having started uploading his covers only December of last year. He only has a few covers up, but he's slowly gaining a following mainly because of his cover of ShounenT's "orange".

Aisu is one of the many guys comprising the ikemen-voiced subgroup in utattemita XD. His voice is gentle, smooth and a bit on the thin, mid-ranged side. He sounds similar to Keysuke, ShounenT, Iinchou, etc. One interesting thing is that he sounds entirely different when singing upbeat/rockish songs and when singing ballads. It's like he uses his fuller voice to capture the power of rock songs and mellows down a bit for slower ones. He also sometimes uses autotune to a moderate level and he is one of those folks who sound impressive even in autotune.

sample songs:
orange (ShounenT original)
Black Gold (otetsu original)
Kurisumasu nanka iranai (Nashimotowe original)
Pokerface (YuchaP original)
Babylon (Tohma original)

nikki says
Somehow, I have this knack of finding new people with good ikemenish voices similar to ShounenT LOL (I learned about ShounenT the same way, too, back when he was still spazzing about idolizing Clear). Aisu refused to stick with me the first time, because I thought he was lacking force in his voice and his first works were all rock, so I was unimpressed. But as I listened to more of his covers, specifically Black Gold and orange, I slowly came to admire his voice and his tenacity in singing strong songs. He has a really beautiful voice and he hasn't fully used his potential to sing yet, so I look forward to more of his works later on and watch him improve. My favorite song by him though, is his only ballad, and I wish he'd sing more ballads because they sound so adorable.


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