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Ahh, this is a pretty boring ranking, not to mention disappointing. Please be prepared for a lot of parodies, same songs over and over, and some weird things. Don't be discouraged though, there are still a lot of amazing songs in the ranking, but the regulars have been kicked off the limelight for now :). My comments will be sparse since I have nothing to say about most of the songs, really ^^;.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
↔ - song stayed in place
↵ - song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

I'll be including the weekly top ten and the overall top thirty of the week. Links to the nicovideo are included as well as some information. You may download the .mp3 file by inputting the link @ nicosound. Enjoy!

original Nico Nico Douga Link


o1. ローリンガール 歌ってみた【そらる】
Rolling Girl [Soraru]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by wowaka
• Soraru rules the new uploads ranking with this very nice cover of wowaka's latest masterpiece. Soraru's voice here is a little deeper than usual, and it's a nice change.

o2. 【円周率】恋愛サーキュレーション【歌ってみた】
Renai Circulation - PI version [hsn]
singer's mylist
• This is a cute cover of the recent boom, but the lyrics are changed into the digits of Pi (3.14).

o3. お通ちゃんラバーズ
Otsu-chan Lovers [Shiin]
Hatsune Miku original by wowaka
• Wowaka's already epic masterpiece has reached new grounds. You'll see why in a while. This is another one of those Gintama-themed parodies. It would be great if I can understand what they're saying XD.

o4. 恋愛サーキュレーション イタリアで歌ってみた Ver.そばつゆ
Renai Circulation (Italy/Hetalia version) [Sobatsuyu]
• This was bound to happen.

o5. 【キョンっぽく】恋愛サーキュレーション【歌ってみたらこうなった】
Renai Circulation (Kyon ver.) [Reinin]
singer's mylist

o6. 【全力で】恋愛サーキュレーションFULL【銀さんやってみた】 []
Renai Circulation (Gintoki ver) [Reinin]
singer's mylist

o7. 折れてないマイクでWORLD'S END UMBRELLAを歌ってみた
World's End Umbrella [no name]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by hachi

World's End Umbrella [Yuu]
singer's mylist
Hatsune Miku original by hachi

o9. 『ローリンガール』を歌ってみた【たま】 (再うp)
Rolling Girl [Tama-chan]
Hatsune Miku original by wowaka
• This is a pretty good cover :3. I'm liking the Rolling Girl covers more and more.

1o. 【ムスカ大佐】恋愛ムスキュレーション【歌ってみた】
singer's mylist
• IDK anymore ^^;.

Overall Weekly Ranking under the cut )


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