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Nico Nico Monthly Indies Ranking - July 2011

Since I dropped the monthly Vocaloid ranking, I decided to replace it this time with the Monthly Nico Nico Indies Ranking.

Nico Nico Indies is a small part of the Nico Nico Douga site where people post their original works. The concept that is different from Vocaloid/Utattemita/Ensoushitemita is that the works here are all original and are usually instrumental or sung by people. Of course, while there are many unfamiliar names here, there are VocaloidPs and utaites that participate in this area, too, especially when they collaborate to sing original songs. Oftentimes, original songs from NNI appear also in utattemita, so you might recognize some of them. NNI is also a very slow-moving category, so there are only a few views/participants than what you might be used to.

I'm glad this ranking is just monthly because gathering information on the artists is a bit difficult, especially since I am also a bit new in this area. Since this writeup is to introduce people to NNI, I tried my best to be as descriptive as possible. If you are a fan of anyone mentioned in this ranking please feel free to chip in other information you can share re: the artist!

Since it has almost the same format, this ranking will be arranged just like the utattemita ranking, minus the colorful letters :). This might be a bit tl;dr than most of my rankings, so please be warned! Also, as I said before, this is a slow-moving category, so you will encounter songs here which you might have already heard months ago :).

original nicovideo link


01. 【NNI】瞬きの間に【オリジナル曲】
- Mabataki no Aida ni (goji-sanpun)
- Title translates to "Blinking Time".
- mylist
- Goji-sanpun (5:30) is a one-man band by YumemiruP (mmmboP). As you might learn from the mylist, mmmboP is also a vocaloid producer. In this song, he provided everything including the vocals. This guitar-rich song talks about transient dreams and a truthful heart, according to the maker. The song is rich in sounds with echoing guitars and snappy but unencompassing drums in the background. The vocals is gentle and soft which works great against the full melody.

02. 和風オリジナル曲 「天照」 (DELETED)
- Tenshou (Shironeko)
- Title translates to "Reincarnation". An alternate reading translates it to "Amaterasu", the Japanese sun-goddess.
- mylist
- Shironeko is also a Vocaloid producer who you might know from songs like "love song for you" and "Sonic Venus". Using an ensemble of shamisen, wataiko, shakuhachi, koto, etc., this wonderful instrumental of traditional Japanese style fused with modern pop influence is made. This song's theme revolves around "the evening sky with the bright harvest moon and refreshing breeze". The song is sadly deleted from Nico Nico Douga, and you can only listen to a bit of it in the ranking itself.

03. 【オリジナル曲】写る風景【inst】大百科
- Utsuru Fuukei (Error)
- Title translates to "Photographed Scenery".
- mylist
- Error (えらぁ) is also a Vocaloid producer. This post-rock song is his first NNI submission and is a style that might be familiar to you if you like listening to earlier KulfiQ or similar producers' works. This song is purely guitar melody, laced with a bit of bass and pretty impressive drumming. Despite the straightforward playing, it's pretty refreshing, probably because of the rhythm, the good combination of bouncing drums to the high-pitched guitar.

04. オリジナル曲「圧力鍋のファンタジー」(2011/6/28ニコ生より)【ウサコ】
- Atsuryokunabe no Fantasy (Usako)
- Title translates to "A Pressure Cooker Fantasy".
- mylist
- Usako is a pretty well-known violinist from the Ensoushitemita category. You might remember her as the one who provided violin music for Nem's Sayonara Polaris. This is her original song which she sang (with guitar accompaniment) in one of her namahousou. The theme is "What I would do if I become a pressure cooker". The song is folk-balladish, but that is because the guitar is the only accompaniment.

05. 【NNI】透き通った嘘【ピアノソロ】
- Sukitotta Uso (Ry_Ha)
- Title means "A Lie that Came to Light".
- mylist
- Ry Ha is an instrumental music maker, and is known for his wonderfully diverse compositions, from electronica to noise to this one, a piano solo. This is a gentle, soft piano ballad, with very little octave jumping and with slightly detached notes, making it a bit poignant.

06. 【オリジナル曲】海原を越えて【初音ミク】
- Unabara wo Koete (Hatsune Miku x tamachang)
- Title translates to "Cross the Ocean".
- mylist
- Tamachang is mostly known as a NNI artist and an arranger of Touhou music. This is in the Indies section, I guess because he sang along with Miku instead of just making Miku sing alone. This song is interesting because it is a reflective song for fishermen and their thoughts while on their way to journey seaward. The song itself is a bit like a choir, with various voice levels accompanied only with piano music. It's really pretty and uplifting.

07. 【オリジナル曲】Meqql-l【インスト】
- Meqql-l (simth)
- mylist
- simth is a known instrumental track maker and is often regarded for his way of making various styles of music as well as impressive PVs for them. He does not explain the themes of his instrumental songs, so as a first time listener, I think of them as pretty abstract. This song is mainly piano music accompanied with electronic beats, with a little ambient influence. Towards the middle, echoing violins and other instruments are added, creating a rich texture of sounds.

08. 【ニコニコインディーズ】Synchronicity - widow
- Widow (Synchronicity)
- mylist | website
- Synchronicity is a duo composed of Hotaru (lyricist; vocals) and Daisk (composer; guitarist). They usually make acoustic ballads with themes centered on the predicaments of life. This is one of their acoustic ballads, with the theme being obvious in the title. Hotaru sounds really good and reminds me a bit of Yamai (utaite). The music is very simple (piano + guitar + bass) but the simplicity creates a refined, relaxing atmosphere, which is nice.

09. 【BGM for Elona】 PANTILLUSION 【人力戦車】
- Pantillusion (Jinrikisensha)
- mylist
- First things first, Elona (Eternal League of Nefia) is a freeware RPG. You can read info on it in Wiki. This is created as a fan BGM for the game. The title is due to the theme of "dying because of panties" ^^;. The song itself is not crack, though, it's actually an impressive instrumental track which reminds me of some of Mike Oldfield's works ^^;.

10. 【オリジナル曲】Lifrrli-e【インスト】
- Lirrlie-e (simth)
- mylist
- As I have described simth already in a previous rank, I will refrain from repeating myself here. This song is another instrumental track mostly of piano melody but with additional ambient stuff once more. The middle part is especially impressive because of the .hack music-like intervals. The previous one is prettier, but this one has a more interesting PV and pauses.


01. 【マチゲリータ】タロンギ【オリジナル曲】
- Tahrongi (MachigeritaP)
- I only know Tahrongi as a name of a place (?) from FFXII, but in this song Tahrongi is the name of the boy. There is no connection to the FF thing.
- mylist
- Well, we all know who MachigeritaP is XD. He composed and sang this song which has quite morbid themes if you ask me, even if Machige said this is the "pleasant story of Tahrongi". The song is typical Machigerita with creepy guitars and piano, but minus the Halloween-esque sound effects. The piano in the chorus is just awesome. Of course, his singing is a big, big plus :3.

02. 【シャノ(40㍍)】 夏恋花火 【オリジナル】
- Natsu Koi Hanabi (40mP x Chano)
- Title means "Fireworks of Summer Love".
- Chano's mylist, 40mP's mylist
- Well, I think we all know about this song since I mentioned it in my 40mP and Chano spotlight. This is also where people congratulated them for their marriage last year. I need not say anything more, I think, since this is typical 40mP melody with Chano's aiko-like voice on vocals. It's a really good listen and is one of my favorite 40mP songs.

03. 【オリジナル曲】テクノブレイク【弟の姉】>A?
- Technobreak (Otouto no Ane)
- We have discussed this in a Weekly Utaran writeup last year, when Ane was in an indies music uploading phase. This is a pretty controversial song but despite that, it's a bouncy technopop song with Ane fast-singing in vocals.

04. 【96猫×囚人P】 4696~クロノネガイ~【オリジナル曲】
- Chrono Negai (96neko x ShuujinP)
- Title means "Chrono Prayer".
- 96neko; ShuujinP
- 96neko (Kuroneko) is an utaite we all know and love. ShuujinP is a Vocaloid composer mostly known for his angst!Len songs like...well, Shuujin and Kamihikouki. This is their collab from last year. I think we all know about this fantasy-esque number, with 96neko voicing both the male and female voices. The blending is awesome and the song is like those popular fantasy rock stuff. Of course the cutest part in this song is that it's a song about two cats XD;.

05. 「ニルギリ」
- Nilgiri (Dakishimeta Tonight, Hachi, Lasah)
- For this song, utaite Dakishimeta Tonight wrote the lyrics, Hachi laid out the melody, and Lasah sang the song. I do not know what exactly they meant by Nilgiri, but this is a solid rock song with Lasah's low but full voice against strong guitars and spattering drums.

06. 【apple41(クワガタP)×F9 】tail light【『&』Track 04】
- tail light (KuwagataP x F9)
- KuwagataP's mylist; F9's mylist
- This song is part of the NNI special "album" &, which I think I posted about sometime ago. Of course, this is a typical KuwagataP song with sharp guitars against a resounding bass and very subtle drums. The song is reminiscent of his "Flashback Sound". Of course, F9 sounds amazing as always.

07. 【OP動画】NNIオリジナルアルバム『&』【track 00】
- & Track 00 (KuwagataP)
- mylist
- "&" is a collaboration among Vocaloid producers, utaite and indie artists. It is not a real album, but a collection of original works compiled together. This is the intro song for the whole collection and is an instrumental with various electronic sounds, which surprised me as it is not very KuwagataP-ish. XD

08. 【NNI】まよなかのまんなか【オリジナル】
- Mayonaka no Mannaka (noo x pitn)
- Title means "In the middle of midnight".
- noo
- Noo is also a Vocaloid producer and this is his second NNI upload. The intro is an impressive mix of guitar and keyboard melodies coupled with pitn's small voice. It sounds a bit different because of the myriad of sounds beyond the guitar but it's an interesting listen. Pitn's voice sometimes gets drowned by the many, many sounds but I think it's part of the style.

09. 【メビウス】 Moebius 【オリジナル】
- mylist
- Hey guys, I'm pretty sure you know Moebius, right? They're a band composed of Fernando (vocals), Andersen (guitar), Piston (guitar), Chorisu (drums), and B.Yonz (drums). (But they're also Gom, zim, rojer, Nakanishi and Shito). This is their intro song. ...You all know this already, right? XD

10. NNIオリジナル曲 - 生物的な無機質と機械的労働
- Seibutsuteki na Mukishitsu ot Kikaiteki Roudou (KyotnP)
- Title means "Biotic Robot and Mechanical Labor"
- mylist
- (∵)KyotnP is also a Vocaloid producer and I wrote about him in a spotlight here. This instrumental track is kind of similar to his Vocaloid works: electronic with various repetitive beats.

11. コゲ犬×のど飴 オリジナル曲「拝啓ミザリー」PV
- Haikei Misery (Nodoame x Kogeinu x Death Ohagi)
- Title means "Mr. Misery".
- Kogeinu and Nodoame are both utaite. Death Ohagi is a Vocaloid producer known for his hard rock music. This is, of course, not an exception. This is a rock song rich on sharp, wailing guitars against hard-beat drums. The intensity is increased with Nodoame's powerful scream!singing and Kogeinu's high range.

12. NNIオリジナル曲 - Μηχανισμός των Αντικυθήρων
- Antikythera Mechanism (KyotnP)
- mylist
- This is one of KyotnP's indie works that doesn't sound like most of his songs at all. This is more on a fantasy scale, with violins and clock sounds as intro, slowly progressing into orchestra-like music. The fantasy theme is of course, because of the title, which refers to the ancient mechanical device used to calculate astronomical positions. You can read more about Antikythera mechanism here.

13. NNIオリジナル曲 - Coconut
- Coconut (KyotnP)
- mylist
- This is KyotnP's most recent among his songs listed here. Quite different from his two other songs above, this song is also electronica, but instead of distorted sound, he applied more of a pointilist technique, with spots of sounds accumulating to make a melody. It's an interesting listen, especially when you're on head/ear phones XD.

14. 【本人出演PV】Athanasia(茶茶子,prkr,Re:nG)「REIGNITION」
- Reignition (Athanasia)
- website
- Athanasia is a band composed of Vocaloid producer Re:nG, guitarist prkr and utaite Chachako. This song is part of their album. Reignition is a ...is there such a genre as electronic rock? Well, I hope that even if it's not a legit genre, it describes this song well. Prkr's guitar is awesome and Re:nG's keyboard/synth influx gives the song the jive which makes it catchy. Chachako's solid voice against all the sounds is also impressive. Somehow it reminds me of an anime song. And yes, they're the ones in the PV :D.

15. 【gomezkei×はにちゃむ★】Sweet Pain【『&』Track 05】
- Sweet Pain (gomezkei x Hanycham)
- gomezP's mylist; Hanycham's mylist
- Again, this part of Nico Nico Indies compilation "&". I don't know how this style is defined, but the intro is like relaxing jazz. Hanycham's intro sounds a bit awkward since she doesn't seem to match the song's rhythm at first, but eventually we get used to the style.

16. 【NNIオリジナル曲】一億年プール【マンボウ】
- Ichioku-nen Pool (Manboo)
- Title means "A Hundred Million-Year Pool".
- Manboo
- Manboo is part of the Vocaloid collab unit "Head Fish Lab". This song his first NNI upload. This song is an instrumental track mostly of water drop sounds, trumpet, piano melody and random noise. It's actually very relaxing and somewhat haunting, especially when the bubbling sounds and suspense piano music started ^^;. I like calling it sexily scary aquarium music for reasons you'll only know if you listen to it.

17. 【オリジナル曲】OSECHI【弟の姉】
- "OSECHI" (Otouto no Ane)
- mylist
- This, again quite a random song, by Otouto no Ane has been taken up in our utattemita rankings so I won't say more :).

18. 【歌ってもらった】SPiCa -HPT ReACT-【リアレンジ】
- website
- This is one of GARNiDELiA's popular works. They are composed primarily of TokuP and MARiA. This is actually a rearrangement of TokuP's earlier Vocaloid work.

19. NNIオリジナル曲 - BABEL
- Babel (KyotnP)
- mylist
- Moar KyotnP, this time with a song that is a fusion of electronica and fantasy rock. BABEL is a resounding track with an impressively majestic intro that lives up to its title. Slowly, the song becomes a myriad of many, many little sounds that occupy the ears, making it quite an exhausting but great listen. It almost sounded like game music at the middle.

20. がくぽオリジナル曲『Daybreak』を作者ROY自ら歌ってみた
- Daybreak (ROY)
- mylist
- This is considered indies because it's a Vocaloid producer's self-cover of his song. This is originally a Gakupo song, btw. ROY's music is often old school hard rock reminiscent of early j-rock bands (if you might notice from the guitar work and rhythm patterns). His singing is also awesome and matches his songs well !

21. 【GARNiDELiA(とく×MARiA)】ORiON【『&』Track12】
- website
- More GARNiDELiA for the NNI collaboration album "&". Since I've discussed this song before, lemme copy from the previous post XD: Instead of upbeat melodies like SPiCa and ARiA, they decided to go a bit on the ballad side, but the melody still escalates at the chorus into a powerful combination of sounds and MARiA's solid singing.

22. 光路 / Tonika (inst)
- Kouro (Tonika)
- Title means "lighted path".
- mylist
- Tonika is a popular guitarist as well as original track maker. He has a lot of impressive songs in his mylist, so please check them out when you have the time. Anyway, this song is an instrumental track with a mixture of gentle, cheery guitar music and barely-there bass. True to its name, it's like a refreshing summer song.

23. 【ヲタみん × oga】LUV for U【オリジナル曲】
- LUV for U (Wotamin x Oga)
- Wotamin's mylist; Oga's mylist
- This has been mentioned somewhere in our previous rankings, too. For this song, Wotamin penned the lyrics while Oga (AKA ShakeSphere), composed the electropop melody. It's a nice typical J-pop-sounding song which sounds good with Wotamin's low singing.

24. 【にお×ばずぱんだ】 ビードロ 【『&』Track 02】
- Vidro (NioP x BuzzPanda)
- NioP's mylist; BuzzPanda's mylist
- Again, this is part of the NNI collaboration album "&". This is a kinda Bump-ish acoustic track. Jazzy guitars and drums are added to the base acoustic melody to make it a bit smoother and BuzzPanda's gentle voice just glides with it perfectly. The title means "Glass".

25. 【ナノウ(ほえほえP)×バシルーラ】「ヒトリ」【『&』track 09】
- Hitori (HoehoeP x Vasirula)
- Nanou's mylist; Vasirula's mylist
- This is part of the NNI collaboration album "&". Again, I'm copying from my old post because I'm lazy as...well. Nanou used a simple but pretty piano intro for this song. The melody persists throughout the song (I was expecting the song to escalate to an upbeat, cheery song a la most of Nanou's works), with Vasirula's straightfoward but gentle voice. It's a very nice ballad, with poignant lyrics.

26. 【DATEKEN×UmiNeko】Call【『&』Track 08】
- Call (DATEKEN x Umineko)
- DATEKEN's mylist; Umineko's mylist
- This is part of the NNI collaboration album "&". This is an RnB slash jazzy song which is Umineko's sandbox of awesomeness. DATEKEN fused the melody with very soft electronic beats and inserts in violin whines in certain intervals, which is very nice to the ears.

27. 【オリジナル曲】ペリドットとパール【弟の姉】
- Peridot to Pearl (Otouto no Ane)
- mylist
- This was also in a ranking from a long time ago. Again, with Otouto no Ane's random lyrics of a dialogue between Peridot (a guy) and Pearl (a girl) is an upbeat, quite catchy rockish melody.

28. 【Chouchou】eclipse【『&』Track 06】
- eclipse (Chouchou)
- mylist
- Chouchou is a indies unit composed of Juliet Herble on vocals and Arabesque as a composer. Their songs are described to be include themes from the game Half Life. Their songs often vividly pictures fantasy, boundary-less worlds riddled with pragmatic sentiments. Their songs are often electronica and ambient bordering on progressive rock. Juliet's whispery voice is also another trademark of the band. I don't know why but they remind me of Portishead ^^;. This song is part of the NNI collaboration album "&".

29. 【acane_madder×キャプテンミライ】マチビトキタル【『&』Track 03】
- Machibito Kitaru (Capt. Mirai x Acane Madder)
- Captain Mirai's mylist; Acane Madder's mylist
- This song is part of the NNI collaboration album "&". The melody is a cross of post rock and something else I can't name, but it is very catchy. Acane's voice adds to the adorableness.

30. 【オリジナル曲】Phantom
- Phantom (HanasoumenP)
- mylist
- HanasoumenP, also known as well-known DJ ODA Hiroyuki, also known as illustrator and animator Kanzaki Hiro, is also a Vocaloid producer. His genre is often trance-house mostly because of his DJ-ing. This song is sung and also penned by Yuiko and composed by him. It's a bit repetitive, like most club music, but it becomes interesting in the middle when the melodies shift. This is also the first time I've encountered the genre Progressive House/Trance XDD;.

1. Shousou (Cogara)
2. Frühling (simth)
3. Bedlam (Supraliminal Stimulus)
4. 84F8DB‐( ̄_ ̄) (Koron Band)
5. FoliarScape (Nitro14)
ED: ロロ (599).
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01. 【NNI】瞬きの間に【オリジナル曲】
- Mabataki no Aida ni (goji-sanpun)
- Title translates to "Blinking Time".

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