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Utaite Spotlight: Seriyu

Seriyu / セリユ

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You probably know Seriyu from her collabs with various artists such as Clear, Wotamin, Beeeeige and Kettaro. She is also the Luka part in "ACUTE" with Clear and Wotamin. She also guested before in Dasoku's, Clewota's and PUPI's radio shows.

Seriyu has a silky, slightly low and smoothly flowing voice that rarely has any edge on it. She can reach high notes but not as high as singers like wotamin or Usa. However, her voice sounds enchantingly sweet and the lack of strength in her voice becomes one of her charms. That's why she mostly sings songs which are gentle or are sung with not much force. Some say her voice has a resemblance to Miimu's, just not as thin and is more solid.

Seriyu currently lives in Osaka although she rarely reveals stuff about her. Her favorite Vocaloid is Luka. Her favorite Vocaloid songs are Gokurakuchou -bird of paradise- and Symmetry. She seems to be very good friends with Agya, Kushi and Wotamin since she joins radio shows which the other girls frequent. She also seems to be in good relations with PUPI, clear and on a slightly lesser degree, Dasoku.

sample covers:
Romeo to Cinderella (original by doriko)
envy. (original by FullkawaP)
Lowry's Room (original by scop)
glow (original by keeno)
Enbizaka no Shitetaya (original by AkunoP)

nikki says

Seriyu is my ideal when it comes to "womanly voices". If someone could give me an impression of a Luka-ish voice, it would be her. Most of the songs I listed above are my favorite covers of the songs, so I really think highly of her (Yup, hers is my favorite Romishin cover XD). I just wish she'd sing more.

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