Feb. 8th, 2013

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Sorry for the lack of spotlights for the past months. It's been kinda hard since both Nikki and I are busy, but hopefully this year will be a better one. Most of the following spotlight was written by a ghost writer friend of mine. I added some of my own comments, but that's all! -Stephie


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Phasma is a self-described electronic producer who first started uploading vocaloid works in 2008. Of his original songs, the upload with the highest view count is 20,000, so he is not one of the most popular or well-known producers, but his style is very unique and instantly recognizable; it's very soft, often using glitchy noise sounds as percussion, and warm, non-abrasive synths. His style is very far from dubstep, techno, and other "loud" areas, often creating soothing, ambient (but not droney) textures.

He only uses Miku in his songs, although not all of his Miku songs have lyrics. His use of autotune is also very melodic, sort of reminiscent of how kz autotunes Miku.

Phasma has collaborated with other electronic producers, releasing songs on compilation albums through Ginga. He also does PV work. He also makes his own videos and PVs, despite their simplicity.

Sample Songs
Mori no Ongaku (Music of the Forest)
Heijitsu Fantasy (Weekday Fantasy)
Me no Mae ni Kimi (You Before My Eyes)

Stephie says
I have to admit, before my friend wrote this spotlight, I didn't know much about Phasma outside of his involvement with Ginga. His music quite different from what I usually listen to, yet still accessible and easy on the ears. Miku is used more like an instrument and often doesn't sing any words. She fits perfectly with all the pleasant tones and notes. His Miku sounds adorable when she does sing lyrics.

Phasma is also heavily involved with an "online label" or group called Bunkai-Kei records. It is headed by Go-qualia and Yako, and features artists of electronica, IDM, and ambient music. Phasma fits right in and one of his albums Mirage EP for free legal download.

Here's also a video interview with Phasma and Nyolfen about Gridplay and their music making process from Youtube.


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