Oct. 19th, 2013

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Siinamota, also known as PowapowaP, released his second major album Alterour Setsuna Pop on October 9th, 2013. This album is available at many Japanese CD import stores and is also available at US iTunes.

Official site for "Alterour Setsuna Pop"
siinamota: official site | twitter | niconico mylist | tumblr

Siinamota is a popular Vocaloid producer who is only 18 years old. He was born on March 9th, 1995 and is from the Ishikawa prefecture. His blood type is AB. Ever since he was young, he played the guitar, drums, and Electone. He began using DTM software in his 2nd year of middle school at the age of 14. Shortly after he began using Vocaloid and became popular with his hit song "Strobo Last".

After a hiatus in 2011, siinamota made a comeback with a major debut album under GINGA with "Yume no Mani Mani" (At The Mercy Of A Dream). "Yume no Mani Mani" still continues to see solid sales growths and his doujin albums have sold over 3,000 copies at doujin selling events. Siinamota has also written a song for singer Nanba Shiho and remixed for Shibuya Keiichirou. He is still popular on Nico Nico Douga with his music videos reaching the 100,000+ view within the first week of upload and regularly makes it to the Top 10 Most Viewed List.

Album Information
"Alterour Setsuna Pop" features songs uploaded on NicoNico since his last album and contains many newly written songs (8 new songs, 3 new versions of old songs). "Alterour" is portmanteau of "alter" and "hour" and "Setsuna" is a wordplay on "painful" and "moment". The illustrations in the CD booklet is by siinamota's close friend and fellow 18 year old illustrator meisa. Some of the music videos are made by popular PV maker Yuma Saito and feature illustrations by Kaneko Kaihatsu, an illustrator who is still a teenager in junior high school. This album "is an absolute collaborative tour-de-force by the most innovative of next-generation artists."

Limited edition comes with a DVD with music videos and special packaging. "Alterour Setsuna Pop" is released under the GINGA Label, which is now under U/M/A/A.

Thanks to siinamota's staff for the information!

Album Crossfade Preview Video

CD Tracklist
01. Pikkooon!!
02. Mosaic
03. Pallet Niha Kimi Ga Ippai
04. Q
05. Usonaki Tsukuriwarai
06. Forgot Me Not
07. City Lights
08. Halo
09. Tsugi Hagi
10. Usoppu
11. Kagefumi Says
12. Livewell
13. Vanilla Flavor Piece

DVD Tracklist
01. Strobo Light (dir & illust: Morii Kenshirou)
02. Yume no Manimani (dir & illust: 84 yen)
03. MOSAIC (dir: Yuma Saito / illust: Kaneko Kaihatsu)
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