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Melochin / めろちん

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If you happen to stumble upon a video of man dancing while wearing a Nike cap and with a shawl covering the face, you can be fairly certain that it will be Melochin. Still, you probably shouldn't take it for granted as nowadays he rarely chooses to dance in such attire.

Melochin can be considered new on Nico Nico – his first video appeared in December 2010. And yet, it is one of the most viewed videos on his mylist. Why? For one simple reason: it features the choreography he created to "Happy Synthesizer" – a song which is very popular among both dancers and singers. His choreography is well-liked since, while it's easy, it's also interesting and quite adorable.

One has to admit that Melochin has improved his skills during this one year. He is really lively and his movements became very energetic and vigorous. I believe that solo modern dances with a clear beat work better for him, but it seems that performing cute pop songs in duet with Miume gains him even more popularity – they have even been invited to Nicoraji together.

Melochin performed on Nico Nico Dance Master 2 in the DDD team (with Butsudankamen, Keitan, 13, Bouto, TAKUMA, and Imaokasan), which danced Panda Hero, and on Nico Nico Dance Master 3 with Gachi♂Gachi (TAKUMA, Ryusei Yarou, Kyoufu, Pon, Mushroom). He was also among the only three male odorite who took part in the photo session to the album "Odoriru Days -Social Media Creators-".

If you look carefully at his mylist you will see that he tried his hand at singing. It's a bit difficult to assess his voice, because in "Happy Synthesizer" he was using a great deal of autotune, but I would venture to say that it isn't very good.

Sample dances:
1. Solos
Happy Synthesizer (Melochin's choreography)
Dancing Samurai (Melochin's choreography)

2. Collabs
Panda Hero (with Miume; Bouto's & Keitan's choreography)
Ochame Kinou (with Miume; Guako's choreography)
Melancholic (with Nyantaro; Te☆in's choreography)

Mono says:
I discovered Melochin by accident. While at first I was rather sceptical about him, I came to like him when I saw his "Dancing Samurai" video (perhaps because whenever I hear this song I want to dance or maybe because it made me notice that Melochin is a very positive person). When I learnt that he created choreography to "Happy Synthesizer" I immediately started following him. I must also admit that another reason why I like Melochin is the fact that he is able to play the piano. And although his voice is far from fantastic, I actually appreciate his effort at singing.


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