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JiminushiP / 地味主P

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JiminushiP started uploading his Vocaloid songs sometime February of 2010 and with satisfactory activity, he managed to release a little more than ten songs up to the present. While I have no idea where his P name came from, I prefer calling him by his used name, Chitose, which is easier to remember ^^;.

Chitose's songs are always heavy on guitars, which is is specialty. Most of the time, his works range from folk to alternative rock to rock ballads and are kind of reminiscent of 80s rock. Actually, the highlight of his songs are his wonderful guitar playing, particulary by the intros and bridge where he has a lovely long guitar instrumental. He has an interesting way of combining guitar music (several melodies using acoustic and electric guitar + bass) with piano music and muffled drum beats. He also has a way of using uplifting, energized songs to depict sadness, like how yukkedoluce always have cheerful-sounding beats despite his heartbreaking themes.

Chitose uses only Miku in his works, but he has used UTAU on a few occassions. His Miku is tuned solid and echoey with a slightly high rendering than other Ps. The echoey quality of his tuning makes his Miku sing well despite all the guitar works in his melody, and she never gets drowned by his music.

Aside from being active in composing Vocaloid songs, Chitose also performs in the egaitemita section, playing guitar covers of other songs (Vocaloid and non-vocaloid). He also draws, as you might notice from the pixiv account up there, and just like Yukkedoluce, he draws and makes the art and PV for his songs. This talented person is also very happy with his wife and three adorable kids, which he proudly updates us with in his twitter and blog.

sample songs
Midnight Work
End Call
Dreamer [translation]
Tsumugu Melody Repeat

nikki says
I actually discovered Chitose-san quite late, in his song "Dreamer", which I accidentally read in my Twitter timeline when it was uploaded. My favorite Vocaloid genre is rock and I'm a sucker for good guitar melodies, so I'm easily taken by his other songs. I find his guitar playing interesting because there's no specific pattern I can find. Like, they're all different EACH time sans the Miku parts. But more than that I've taken a liking to his wonderful kids, so aside from his songs, I'm actually looking forward to his updates about his children too /sobs ;___;. Why are they so cute D: D: /c-coughs... Anyway, it's rare seeing people who can compose music, play the instruments for their music and even draw/make the PV for their song as well, so I'm pretty much impressed by all his works XD.


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