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I lied. I thought the tags can be organized within half a day but apparently, I'm still not finished. I am typing them all up again and retagging posts so uh...I think I have about half of the posts done :). Sorry about that. /OCD

Anyway, there's something more important than tags today and that's Producer Thursday ♥. Let's have a less popular producer this time.


mylist | website

Pulot, or SantenP, is not that well-known in the community, his/her works only having a little over 10k views at the highest. S/he uploaded his first work May 2009 and his last upload was just last January 2010. Although his first song used Rin as the voice, his other works have Miku in them.

Pulot specializes in electronica, ambient and post-rock music. He has a way of making Miku sound seamlessly adhesive to trance-like melodies, which is why his songs are tagged "post-Miku" with its meaning in reference to "post-rock", and "healing music" in reference to their trance/ambient nature.

One thing that I noticed in his works is that almost all of their titles are in Filipino/Tagalog (which is my language). Even his name (pulot) can be considered a Filipino/Tagalog term, hence my interest in his works.


Yume Kokuhaku Teki na (Rin) | nicovid
reLo's (Miku) | nicovid
pareHo (Miku) | nicovid
ilaw (Miku) | nicovid | lyrics
savonland | nicovid

** In English, ilaw (light), relo's (watch's), pareho (same/similar).

Nikki says:

I learned about pulot-san when I was stalking looking through other producer's Twitter follow list. To be honest, I got pinged by his/her name because pulot means either "pick up" or "honey" in Filipino/Tagalog. S/he really captured my interest when I found out the names of the songs ^^;. I don't like ambient or post-rock music much but ilaw captured me so much. Eventually, his/her works are also the ones that got me exploring more ambient/post-rock Vocaloid songs. I guess my favorites from him/her would be ilaw and reLo's. I like how I see his works are "minimalists", like the words and the music themselves seem so simple yet resounding at the same time, especially with ilaw. For me his works are a good rest from pop/rock Vocaloid songs we always hear :).

A sudden jump of genres there but I hope you like it! See you tomorrow for utaite day. I have so many things to post but there isn't just enough time :(.


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