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You might remember FISH as the one who was holding this large....fish in Smiling Show Time! (you canNOT miss that! XD).

FISH started her Nicodou career by holding namahousou February of 2010, which quickly evolved into karaoke namas. Karaoke namas are those where a video of the song is shown on the screen (usually an intrumental/karaoke video) and the host sings with it. After a few months, she decided to upload her covers in Nico Nico Douga. While most of her uploads are Vocaloid covers, she also sings J-POP and anime songs. She is also the one who mixes a majority of her covers.

FISH's voice quality is similar to Yamai's and Toriko's: low, smooth and a bit on the husky side. She cannot reach high notes very well, but she can somehow sing in a cute, loli voice XD. She rarely uses autotune and pitch adjustment and would often deliver a straightforward and clean rendition of the songs. Although her voice is a bit deeper than most singers, she can sing anything from ballads to rock to cutesy pop songs without effort. Her choice of songs is varied, often popular songs, so she's overshadowed a lot of by more popular singers despite the high quality of her works. Despite that, she knows her range well, so her choice of songs fit her voice really well.

sample songs
Torinoko City (40mP original)
Chiptime Disco (Easypop original)
Aitai (SignalP/Hanatan original)
I Love You, I Need You (KEI original)
Sweets & Bitters w/ Iinchou (Yuuto original)

nikki says
Like most of you, I heard of FISH because of that wonderful Smiling cover. I thought she has great control of her voice, so when she released her cover of "I Love You, I Need You", I decided to look up the rest of her works. Her recent duet with Iinchou is really nice, too! I like calling them FINCH as a unit XDD;.


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