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Why do I have the feeling that September is the month of uploading for Nico Nico singers? I had to wade through over 50 pages of uploads and not even reach half of the month's uploads, LOL. The shiny stuff today are still from singers we are familiar with. There are new people mixed in, though, so please check them out, too :3.

Under the cut because there are 10 songs in all + nico image previews. Click the titles to go to the Nicovideo page. As usual, you can input the Nico link in nicosound to download the .mp3 file.

10 new songs )

Also, not yet uploaded in Nicovideo, but Valshe has posted an .mp3 download of her latest cover: 孤独の果て (Kodoku no Hate), originally sung by Kagamine Rin. Just scroll down the entry I linked above and find the link to download :).

Okay, that's it for now. Back to transliterating lyrics for me :3.


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