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Iincho / いいんちょ

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Iincho has yet to pass his first year since he uploaded his first cover in NND last November, 2010, which is why he only has a few uploads, some of them repeats of his older covers. Despite that, he has quite a satisfactory view rate, most probably because of the high quality of his uploads plus his signature voice quality. Note that he is different from the Taiwanese utaite, Iinchou, and their names' spellings are different, too ^^.

Iincho's voice is deep and solid, with a slight velvety aura in ballads or jazz songs. He has a very low range, but he can do falsettos if he wants to with little effort, making him really flexible. He has, however, just a bit of force in his voice, so he sounds a bit weak at rockish songs. Despite that, he can pull off singing rock and upbeat songs by making his cover sounds suave instead of loud. His voice can be likened a bit to Panyo and Yuuto. He's often described as someone with an ike-ero voice.

While he only has a few solo covers, Iincho likes collaborating with other people, mostly in duets. He also appeared in Smiling ~Show Time!.

sample songs
A. Solos
Panda Hero (hachi original)
1925 -jazz arrange (T-pocket original; OreginalP arrange)
Yubikiri (scop original)
Yogoreta Prism (NioP)

B. Collabs
Sweets & Bitters (w/ FISH; Yuuto original)
Kimi no Te, Boku no Te (w/ Tsukiyo; 40mP original)
ggrks (w/ Utsusemi; AatamiP original)

nikki says
I first knew of Iinchou in Smiling ~Showtime!, but since there were so many singers in that collab, it was a bit hard to keep track of everyone. Eventually I found him again in his cover of Sweets and Bitters with FISH and I instantly loved the cover (even more than the original). Since then, I've been following his works, which are sadly very few, but still good listens.


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