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This is another interview article which is a bit hard to translate, so apologies if I took too long. Dasoku and Asamaru sounded too happy/drunk, IDK LOL. PUPI has walls of text for answers so I hope you'll forgive me for summarizing his answers and using a lot of liberty with translating. Thanks!

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PUPI and SunaP just announced information about their CD: enhAnce which is performed by a group called PointFive (.5). PointFive is composed of Dasoku, Asamaru, Clear, Amu, Miichan and PUPI. You might notice, if you've listened to previous lives by Pupi, that this is the "DACAMP" secret he's been discussing for about a month now ;).

The website can be found here.

The CD will have 12 songs and will be a mixture of original songs composed by PUPI, SunaP and guest producers (Nem, 40mP and RenaissanceP). The cover art, if I'm not mistaken, was drawn by Aki Akane. The CD will be released July 07, 2010 at 2,625 yen. There is already an Amazon page for it :).
EDIT: Here is the full track list of the album, plus the singers and composers involved. Some of them are covers of Vocaloid songs.

01. Undecidable - 0.5 version (lyrics: PUPI, composition: sunaP, arrangement: pupi/松岡美弥子)
02. Dessin - dasoku x clear x amu (lyrics, composition, arrangement: 40mP)
03. Tsukiyo na Mori - clear x miichan (original by bonorisu)
04. Mitsubachi - asamaru x amu (original by nio)
05. somatic delusion - amu x miichan (lyrics: orange, composition & arrangement: nem)
06. escape - clear x dasoku x asamaru feat. jack (original by jimmythumbs)
07. setsuna - miichan x asamaru (lyrics, composition: sunaP, arrangement: renaissanceP)
08. scissorhands - dasoku x amu (original by nem)
09. hoshi no komori uta - dasoku x clear (lyrics, composition, arrangement: 40mP)
10. summer rain - asamaru feat. jack (lyrics: touka nayuta, composition & arrangement: nem, guitar: rerulili)
11. stardust utopia - dasoku x clear x miichan (original by otetsu)
12. fireflower - 0.5 version/everyone (original by halyosy)

I can't wait!


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