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So, remember that Producer Names Song which generated a ton of responses from producers, whether they're mentioned in the song or not? I thought that since the purpose of the song is to introduce to use names of 500+ producers to make them more known, why not go all out and look them up and see what they make?

Hence, this is the product of a whole week: romanizing the lyrics of the songs (which are literally P names), locating their mylists or carrier songs, and adding trivia about certain producers mentioned in the song. Some of the Ps here are not familiar at all, and some of them are more into MMD and UTAU than Vocaloid, but I checked all of their mylists and basically, everyone with a URL there has an existing work/mylist for you to check out. Some of their names also have interesting origins. Some of them, you wouldn't recognize until you see their artist name (the name w/o the "p" extension).

It took me a while to put it up because it's so damn long, so when maretu said he released a song with all the names, I kind of panicked XD. But anyway, I hope you'll enjoy looking up producers and their works. There are A LOT of names, and honestly, I only know about a third of them, so it was also a learning experience for me. I hope you guys learn a lot from this, too! :)

P 名 言 っ て み ろ ! )
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This is another interview article which is a bit hard to translate, so apologies if I took too long. Dasoku and Asamaru sounded too happy/drunk, IDK LOL. PUPI has walls of text for answers so I hope you'll forgive me for summarizing his answers and using a lot of liberty with translating. Thanks!

axive interview )
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Translated the Pointfive interview in the Animate website here. I may have used excessive liberties in translating, and for that I apologize. Also because of that, please don't repost this anywhere else :). If anyone's interested, I transcribed and translated Select Me in [community profile] onsenjikan here.

translation under the cut )
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First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the Skype chat for three consecutive days /o/!! I'm really glad to see everyone get along and flail together and while we're a bit too random and spazzy that we kind of made all those pencils crazy, it was really fun! (aside from the part where I have no more dignity, let's not talk about that...)

Second, this is a more coherent report on what happened in the three Nicoraji episodes for those who missed it/cannot watch. This is not a complete report, though, just a list of interesting things that happened in the show. You can still listen to the episodes via timeshift.

Third, this is my translation of what happened and some of them might be inconsistent. Please do not copy-paste anywhere without my permission, thanks!

Asamakku 092010 )

Cleanero 092110 )

DaGero 092210 )

Lastly, I have to apologize but the spotlights will be late again. I have a Japanese exam this Saturday and I haven't studied yet so ;_;. Spotlights will be posted over the weekend! So sorry!!
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Today is August 31 in Japan, so...


• Producers are celebrating with a 3rd Miku Anniversary matsuri in Nico Nico Douga. This means tons of Miku works will be uploaded today. You can keep up to the uploads through this tag: 初音ミク3周年祭

• Our affiliate [livejournal.com profile] singing_robots is having a Miku birthday post where you can share your favorite songs. If you are a Miku fan willing to share her wonderful songs to the world or if you are new to Vocaloid and would like to hear impressive Miku songs as recced by fans, go there and stalk videos all day long XD.

• On a different note, I celebrated clear's' birthday last week by romanizing and translating original songs he has sung. This includes songs from Smiley*2, colors, and Enhance (the one with Dasoku). You can see the lyrics at [community profile] onsenjikan under the @ clear tag :).

This week, I plan on making minor changes to the comm by adding some necessary intros, sticky posts, tags, etc. Updating info posts is something I am really bad at, so please bear with me ^^;
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I kind of translated the Animate interview with clear, Dasoku, Pokota, ASK and Kettaro of the Utattemoratta Vol. 1 album. Please note these aren't accurate translations. I just got the gist of their answers and made sense of them /shot. Some of them are hard to understand, especially Pokota's (WALL OF TEXT that reaches out to your heart, etc) and ASK's (I think it's his way of speaking that's hard to read ;_;). So, please forgive me now for any mistakes in reading I might have made. Other than that, please enjoy? Small fonts are my very minimal comments, I really tried my best not to give LOLcomments on Dasoku's and Pokota's parts ^^;.

translation under the cut )

You can listen to voice messages and additional stuff (like handwritten messages!) here :D

* Please do not repost the translation anywhere, thanks! (God, please don't, I'll die of embarrassment.)
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Since some people were anticipating this, here it is, a CLEWOTA post to commemorate their 2 years of being a unit. There are a lot of other units out there but since I am very, very biased, I am only making a post about them :).

I won't introduce each person since I already had some sort of post about them before. You can view clear's spotlight here and a translation of wotamin's ameblo profile here.

art by ami from pixiv

A small intro since it was included in their discussion in a radio show. Wotamin got into Nico Nico Douga while she was browsing Youtube XD;. She was in YT when she saw a cover of "Kumikyoku no Nico Nico Douga" and was amused by it. She visited NND and its utattemita section and wondered how it would be if she uploaded her own songs. In the meantime, clear already knows of Nico Nico Douga but is a stranger to the utattemita section (since he visits only those MAD/parody vids ^^;). One day, a friend directed him to the category and he viewed some of the videos. He became interested in Hatsune Miku and decided to stick around and explore. The first utattemita song he heard was a collaboration involving Utawa Sakura. Eventually, he was inspired to do covers of his own.

Even though clewota's first song was uploaded July 25, 2008, they have known each other a few months before they recorded a collab. Their first meeting was actually initiated by wotamin. She was looking for songs she wanted to sing in Nico Nico Douga, one of them "lost my music". Somehow, she stumbled upon clear's cover of the song. She found his voice really nice, but she also realized his mixing was a bit off. As she was learning mixing herself, she decided to comment and ask if it was okay to mix for clear. A few days after, clear has left for her his email address where they would correspond with each other...and it had been like that ever since. Clear said that if wotamin hadn't found his song then, he would forever have that sucky mixing (I don't think so, clear, but it's amusing nonetheless XD).

more under here! )

I'm sure you already know the songs they sang, but just to jostle your memories of them:
Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo
Boku Mitai na Kimi, Kimi Mitai na Boku
Snow Promenade
Higashi no Akatsuki, Nishi no Tasogare
Ren Kyori En Ai

...I would love to add more, to be honest. Like Clear singing Whitney Houston songs and the two of them singing Happy Birthday to Valshe, but I'm really pressed for time right now. Maybe next time :). I hope you enjoyed the post!
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Kim [personal profile] urbandecay asked me to translate the Q&A Dasoku posted long ago in his blog, so I did. It's a 25-question set.

Parentheses are my pointless comments.

25 questions )

And that's it XD;. Translation is done loosely and in a hurry, so please correct me if I mistranslated some :(.

I apologise for the lack of weekly dump. We don't have Internet at home and Nico's blocked here at work :(. Here's hoping I have Internet on Thursday /cries.
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I haven't done a proper pimp posts for these two, but I decided to post their blog profiles anyway and just add it to the pimp posts. The blog profiles are in their Ameba blog profile pages together with the contact info, avatar and friends. Since my translations are not accurate, please do not repost this translation without my permission. Sorry ^^;;;

Somehow, Wotamin and Valshe are total opposites XD;. Wotamin is the typical girly character while Valshe is like a guy.

Wotamin's profile )

Valshe's profile )


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