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First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the Skype chat for three consecutive days /o/!! I'm really glad to see everyone get along and flail together and while we're a bit too random and spazzy that we kind of made all those pencils crazy, it was really fun! (aside from the part where I have no more dignity, let's not talk about that...)

Second, this is a more coherent report on what happened in the three Nicoraji episodes for those who missed it/cannot watch. This is not a complete report, though, just a list of interesting things that happened in the show. You can still listen to the episodes via timeshift.

Third, this is my translation of what happened and some of them might be inconsistent. Please do not copy-paste anywhere without my permission, thanks!

Asamakku 092010 )

Cleanero 092110 )

DaGero 092210 )

Lastly, I have to apologize but the spotlights will be late again. I have a Japanese exam this Saturday and I haven't studied yet so ;_;. Spotlights will be posted over the weekend! So sorry!!
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• There are too many Vocaloid-related stuff happening at the moment (events, album release, etc.) and I am not updated with everything ;;. If you want to be updated with stuff, you can view the Vocaloid Schedule in Miku blog. It has all the releases, JOYSOUND stuff and events listed.

• For those who have found DYE -Synthesis-, Reversus and Hysteresis to be wonderful and would love to have a copy, the albums are available in Toranoana :).

• Usa Colony has opened the website for UTAU Ureine Usa

• Speaking of Usa Colony, I'm sure we are all aware of their live concert this November. The lineup includes Usa, Tourai, Syana (KurousaP), Kobayashi Onix, 19's sound factory, doriko and hajime. Their guests musicians include Shobon from MINT and Tissue-hime.

Valshe's album 「storyteller」 now has a crossfade up in Nico Nico Douga here.

• The net tickets for the next Daikaigi concert is now for sale here. I posted the guest list before here.

• Lead Is New Emotion (L.I.N.E.) which is a duo composed of utaite che:Sakurai and arranger/composer HYBRID SENSE are to release an album this coming October. The name of the mini album is dawn of new emotion. You can check out their myspace for other information (as well as pictures :3).

• We have something to look forward to for the next M3 (Music, Media-mix Market). Omatsuri Boyz composed of That, Clear, Kettaro, Mi-chan, Kouhei (Hagane Tsuwamono) and Donnie is planning to release something in that con/event. No details as of yet, but you can view their website here

• Clear held a mini-live in Tower Records last night which was broadcasted in Nico Nico Douga. I have a report as well as other stuff in his fansite. If you have the time, please answer the survey in the report post ;)! The lack of clear updates here is because I'm putting them all there, sorry ^^;.

• Next week's Nicoraji seems to be utaite-packed. On Monday (09/20) they will have Asamaru and Jack as guests. On Tuesday (09/21) they will have Clear and Nero. You can view Nicoraji here. It starts 22:00 Japan time.

• The guy who does the Weekly Utattemita Ranking has been referring to the English writeups in this comm for a few weeks already, so everyone, please behave XD. If you are on twitter, please thank him for his hard work every week. His twitter is here :).


• the_desserter posted about the next Dokinama
• Nicoraji just announced that they will have Dasoku and Gero as their guests on Wednesday, so that makes it three days of Utaite galore in Nicoraji.

I know I've missed a lot of news about other personalities mainly because I am following only a certain number of people. If you have any news to share, feel free to put them in the comments! I should start making a contribution post or something /shot
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This is the event I posted about a while ago :3.

That was one fun event! Well, I wasn't able to catch the first half because it was too early (and I'm stuck in a traffic jam) but it's still good :3. I had fun fangirling with you guys @ plurk XD;. I think everyone was present in the event: Dasoku, Clear, PUPI, Amu, Pokota, Kakichoco, Saiya, Mi-chan (Miichan?) and that. They were really rowdy, LOL and towards the end, it seemed that Dasoku and PUPI are drunk (not really) and PUPI was being clingy and Clear wanted to sing magnet no matter what (even though it's not available in the karaoke box). Buuuut it was fun flailing to the songs and crack XD;.

Here's (finally!) the song list for that night. Thanks to the kind people in the BBS with wonderful hearing. I'm including the singer, the song (translation). :) Links lead to original vocaloid songs.

Notes: har. - harmony; those with instruments written means they don't have the karaoke melody so they're playing themselves.

01. amu (har. PUPI) - トウキョウトロックシティ (Tokyo Rock City)
02. 祭屋 (saiya) - OVER
03. ぽこた (pokota) - 兄貴★NIGHT FEVER (Aniki★NIGHT FEVER)
04. PUPI - Unused Impulse
05. 蛇足 (dasoku) - 強烈な色 (Kyouretsuna Iro)
06. 柿チョコ (kakichoco) - 孤独の果て (Kodoku no Hate)
07. みーちゃん (mi-chan) - BLAZE
08. clear - Love*3
09. amu - さよならのかわりに、花束を (Sayonara no kawarini, Hanataba wo)
10. that - モノクロアクト (Monochroact)
11. saiya - One More Kiss
12. pokota - Broken Heart
14. dasoku - 呼吸 (Kokyuu)
15. kakichoco - 自己嫌悪 (Jikokenou)
16. mi-chan - ペテン師が笑う頃に (Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni)
17. clear - 闇色アリス (Yami Iro Alice)
18. that - letter song
19. pokota - ダンシング☆サムライ (Dancing ☆ Samurai)
20. amu - 火葬曲 (Kasoukyoku)
21. saiya - Pusse Cafe
22. PUPI - 炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai -Meltdown-)
23. dasoku (har. clear) - いろは唄 (Iroha Uta)
24. kakichoco - 右肩の蝶(リンVer.) (Migikata no Chou; Rin ver.)
25. mi-chan (har. PUPI) - サンドスクレイパー (Sand Scraper)
26. clear (har. amu) - 極楽鳥-bird of paradise-
27. that (har. clear) - From Y to Y
28. that (I think) - Melody in the Sky (guitar by that)
29. dasoclear (dasoku x clear) - Magnet (rough-net XD), (guitar by that, beatbox by PUPI)
30. creamy (clear x mi-chan) - Rainbow Girl (i can't find the original song so have clear's cover instead)
31. amu x kakichoco - ジュブナイル (Juvenile)
32. chorus - ハジメテノオト (Hajimete no Oto)
33. chorus - Fire◎Flower



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