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As the first spotlight for musicians, I think G-san would be very fitting :).

G-san is quite popular in the ensoushitemitta scene. He was first known as "the guy who plays too many instruments" because he used to upload videos of him playing several instruments all at once that he was dubbed as "the one-man orchestra". He plays anime, Vocaloid and popular songs that time using different kinds of instruments but mostly centered on the piano.

Later on, he had solo piano performances uploaded and eventually, he got into collaborating with various Nico Nico artists (singers and musicians), the first of them Yonji and so on. Now, you may known him as part of big collaborations (e.g., absorb's Smiling) and events (e.g., Nico Nico Daikaigi 2010). Aside from that, he has appeared on TV, in radio and in tons of other events and is also known for being a good conversationalist. He is a much respected musician in the Nico Nico Douga community and wherever there is a big project, you quite possibly will see his name attached to it.

At least weekly, he holds namahousou in his community with him playing popular anime and Vocaloid songs on his piano/keyboard for more than two hours straight. He is quite close to singers such as the Asamakku family (Asamaru, Jack, Choucho, Faneru), etc.

I'm breaking down samples of his works into categories:

one-man orchestra works:
- here he plays the piano, pianika, high-hat, conga and xylorimba
- here he plays the Evangelion themes using a piano, guitar, pianika, 2 xylorimbas, xylophone, high-hat and a drum
- here he plays the piano, violin, 2 xylorimbas, high-hat, xylophone, and pianika. he played the violin using his mouth w

piano solos
Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga (piano arrange)
Joe Hisaishi themes

Air from Tori no Uta (with Usako on violins)
Katsushika Parody (with Faneru)
Kiseki no Chikyuu (with Yonji)

nikki says

I don't know anything about the ensoushitemitta category, to be honest, but there are a lot of musicians in it that people should know about, right? G-san is just one of them. So, we might be having musician spotlights, too! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! :D

Anyway, I first knew G-san because I was randomly watching namahousou where they play the piano (funny I got to know most of my pianist favorites through nama jumping). G-san's namahousou are always SO amazing. He reads the requests through the comments and plays them one after another without even skipping beat ;_;. I don't know how he does it. Oftentimes, he holds namahousou with Yonji, Choucho, TEST, etc. and play in a studio. I highly recommend his weekend namahousou because they're longer and can be timeshifted (although recently, he seems to be holding namas more often O_O).
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Halyosy has uploaded (in youtube and nico) an original song he wrote and arranged starring a lot of Nico Nico Douga singers. The pretty lyrics mainly discusses how people should bond and smile together and one of the things that can bring people together is Nico Nico Douga.


Music and lyrics: halyosy
Rap parts: ill.bell and rap beat

Arrangement and mixing: halyosy
Electric guitar: [test]
Acoustic guitar: is
Piano: JimuinG
Bass: Jimisamurai
Keyboards: halyosy

Illustration: halyosy
MV: that

- that
- clear
- みたに (mitani)
- yonji
- バルシェ (valshe)
- perfumen (白服・眼鏡・仮面2)
-プリコ (puriko) 
- ひらどん (hiradon)
- ill.bell
- くりむぞん (creamzone)
- ほんこーん (honkoon)
- halyosy
- トゥライ (tourai) 
- 蛇足 (dasoku)
- 実谷なな (mitani nana)
- にっとメガネ (nitto megane)
- che:櫻井 (che:sakurai) 
- ひと里 (hitori) 
- てん (ten)
- リツカ (ritsuka) 
- らっぷびと (rap beat) 
- ピコ (piko) 
- 赤飯 (sekihan)

* note: that, is, and halyosy is also a professional singing group called ABSORB.

ETA: lyrics and translation up @ [community profile] onsenjikan.


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