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Her name is spelled as "Pagoda" but the actual spelling that she uses in her blog/usernames is "Pagodes", taken from Claude Debussy's piece named Pagodes, which is said to have been written with influences from the Orient. She started uploading songs in 2008 and is still uploading covers now.

You might recognize Pagodes as the one who sang a beautiful rendition of "Ryuusei" by minato. She has an "angelic" voice: high but smooth and gentle, never sounding shrill or squawking even in very high notes. If I'm to compare her to some singers, her voice type would be very near F9's and Hanatan's (high range Hanatan) or maybe a higher version of Seriyu's. She has a way of making songs sound serene and easy to listen to. If you have heard "Ryuusei" then you know what I mean :). Pagodes usually sings ballads and pop songs with slightly slow beats which suit her voice perfectly.

sample songs

Melody in the Sky (40mP)
Moon (iroha)
VOiCE (LovelyP)
Light Song (kz)
Yoru no Soko (gomezP)

nikki says

I didn't know about Pagoda before "Starry Sky" so I am thankful that the CD has introduced me to her wonderful voice. To be honest, I do not like any cover of Ryuusei aside from hers. I was drawn to her amazingly high but gentle voice. Some of her songs are not mixed well (especially the earliest ones) but her voice makes up for the quality.
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Jack posted in his blog that he will be part of a CD to be released during VoMas 12 on May 9, 2010.

Vocaloid Utattemita Gentei Community 2nd CD "Stary Sky" (MGS)
Theme: Dusk and Dawn
Price: 1000 yen

o1. ユートピア (Utopia) - Eshi ja nai KEI feat, topi
o2. SPiCa - TokuP feat. Keisen
o3. Fireworks - PinocchioP feat. Darumaya
o4. この花火が終わるまでに (Kono Hanabi ga Owaru made ni) - OssanP feat. Sachippu~
o5. The 9th - JimmyThumbP feat. Purikuma
o6. 千夜月 (Senya Tsuki) - IsoP feat. Kakichoco
o7. ユラメク (Yurameku) - HeavenzP feat. [REN]
o8. 1/6 - VocaliodP feat. Sorako
o9. 宵闇のアウグスティン (Yoiyami no Augustin) - Nem feat. Gurumi
1o. 少年銀河 (Shounen Ginga) - Toraboruta feat. Miichan
11. ヨルノソコ (Yoru no Soko ) - gomezP feat. *Airi
12. 星空に願いを込めて (Hoshizora ni Negai wo Komete) - tomoP feat. Shin Shakaijin
13. ライカ (Laika) - xi-onP feat. Riseha
14. 流星 (Ryuusei) - minato feat. Pagoda
15. さよならアストロノーツ (Sayonara Astronaut) - Kobayashi Onyx feat. Jack


I'm a bit late for this, but EXIT TUNES - Kamikyoku wo Utattemita 2 (QWCE-157) was released last March 17, 2010. You might want to buy it from CDJapan, YesAsia, etc. because the tracklist is awesome.

o1. Just Be Friends - Dixie Flatline feat. Zebra
o2. 炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai/Meltdown) - iroha feat. Ritsuka
o3. 19:25発 (1925Hatsu) - T-Pocket feat. Gom
o4. 1925 - T-Pocket feat. Gom
o5. トウキョウト·ロック·シティ (Tokyo-to Rock City) - Ecomaru fear. Noaru with [TEST]
o6. SPiCa - TokuP feat. Noir
o7. 孤独の果て (Kodoku no Hate) - Hikaru Shouyu feat. Kushi
o8. Over - Shake Sphere feat. Saiya
o9. いろは唄 (Iroha Uta) - Ginsaku feat. clear
1o. shiningray - 164 feat. Luschka
11. Starduster - JimmyThumbP feat. Miimu
12. 朝焼け、君の唄。 (Asayake, Kimi no Uta) - Hoehoe-P feat. Keisen
13. サテライト (Satellite) - PeperonP feat. Mitani Nana
14. 鎖の少女 (Kusari no Shoujo) - Noboru↑ feat. MISAKI
15. 右肩の蝶 (Migikata no Chou) - NoriP feat. Kushi
16. Scene - JimmyThumbP feat. Mitani Nana


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