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(2009 - 2014)

Hello. It's been a while since I posted an update in this community, and I feel bad that it is going to be a sad one.

Since its opening in 2009, [community profile] ofurotaimu has gained a lot of readers and followers, which in turn helped us meet a lot of people with the same interests in Vocaloid, utattemita, odottemita, and the general Nico Nico Douga community. We've witnessed a lot of firsts in the NND community (the first virtual concert, the first daikaigi, the first nnd movie, etc.) and even though there were only a few people updating this community, we're glad to have been part of the fandom.

However, as much as we'd like to continue with our usual posts and updates, the moderators of this community have grown busy--both in real life and in other fandoms--and thus find it difficult to find ample time to update. I personally had a lot of hiatuses these past couple of years due to work and other factors, and Stephie will be pursuing her own career soon. With a lot of things to take into consideration, we decided that we will close [community profile] ofurotaimu. The comm will not be deleted, so everyone can still browse previous posts, but it will not be updated anymore.

Even though the dreamwidth community is closed, the ofurotaimu twitter and tumblr accounts will remain open. [personal profile] stephieku will continue posting updates, schedules, and information in the ofuro twitter while [personal profile] seraphictune will continue updating the utattemita tumblr. Both accounts are easier to manage, although the updates won't be as frequent as before, too. We hope you would continue following us in the said accounts even though this community is closed.

That said, thank you so much for following this community until now. I'd also like to thank the comm's moderators--Stephie, Len, and Tune. I feel bad that it has come to this point. But even though [community profile] ofurotaimu closes, we will all remain connected with our love for Vocaloid and utattemita. This is not the end, right :).

Thank you,

ofurotaimu @ twitter
ofurotaimu @ tumblr
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♨Happy Birthday Nikki!!♨

Today, August 11th is the birthday of our lovely admin/owner/writer extraordinaire Nikki ([personal profile] fascinates)! Without Nikki, the ofuro would be nothing, so here's the time to show your appreciation! Despite being overloaded by work from her job, she still manages to find time do the rankings, write spotlights, articles and think of cracky ideas many other wonderful things! Thanks to her, ofurotaimu is always growing with new additions such as our main site. And most of all, she's a great friend who's fun to talk to and reliable :)

Ikefuro high school art by Luna ([personal profile] benzene)

Currently Nikki's home was affected by the flooding in the Philippines, so she's been inactive online as of late. She's safe, but I have yet to get in contact with her personally. So please post some nice birthday messages for her to see when she gets back!! ><;
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art by [personal profile] benzene.
srsly, i think she's the official ofuro artist now XD.

Has it honestly been another year?! Time really flew fast, and here we are, celebrating our third anniversary. Last year, we entered our second year with more than 450 members. This year, we have more than 700 members and many more visitors not registered in the comm (as proven by the 300k view count). Thank you so much for being a part of Ofurotaimu and making it grow.

Even though this site has remained mainly an info site, I'm very happy that sometimes we do act as a big community and share in a single project or cause. You might remember Ofurosmiling from early this year, as well as random stuff like our anniversary greeting to Weekly Utaran, posts in our fanwork community, and even the old ones like the Ofuro Poetry Taimu. XD

Of course, our growth wouldn't be possible without our moderator [personal profile] stephieku and our mods [personal profile] seraphictune and [personal profile] southerncross. This year, I have been a terrible admin because of work, and without them, this site would've been gone! So, I'm really grateful for them for helping me keep the site alive. There might have been delays (tons) and skips (tons), but I thank everyone for their patience and assistance.

This year, we still have a lot of things to iron out, and we probably need some more people to help us with the work (to be honest, with just 4 staff members and a load of sites, the updating becomes very hectic). But for now, here are some things you should look forward to:

- Our revamped portal site (www.ofurotaimu.net) is now a functioning website instead of an aggregate site! While we write rankings, spotlights, guides, and news/nama pools in the comm, we will write event reports, editorials, reviews, and in-depth news stuff in the main site. Please do visit the main site as soon as we have content up!

- We intend to update our guides since they've been written uh...more than a year ago and Nico Nico has changed drastically after that time. Hopefully we'll include wallkthroughs of Nico Zero, Mikubook, and other sites of interest.

- We'll include the "Vocaloid Midyear Special Rankings" to our list of rankings, so please wait for all of them next week (I'll do my best)!.

- Aside from the odottemita spotlights (which was a bit discontinued, I think), we'll also be continuing the ensoushitemita spotlights. Our contributor [personal profile] asatenshi and I will be taking turns in writing it!

There are other plans underway, but we're still considering the time constraints and effort they'll take before we launch projects. For now, we'll work hard on maintaining the comm and making sure the writeups are on time ^^;;. Then, we'll think of what to do to improve our sites.

What about you? Do you have any suggestions on making Ofurotaimu a better site? Do you have ideas you want to share with us or requests you want to ask? Please do help us out by telling us things you want to see and we'll try to gather them and mull over them and then try to implement them! You may put your suggestions/comments/requests in the comments below.

Once again, thanks for being with Ofurotaimu and hopefully, we'll continue to grow for as long as we can! ♥
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May 15th is the birthday of our dearest mod, [personal profile] stephieku. For those who don't know, she's the very hardworking person who updates the Ofurotaimu news pool, namahousou schedule, and news in twitter. When not thinking of the Ofuro, she's usually flailing over nyanko-sensei anime and manga, spending money for figures, stalking alpacas, and spazzing over insects ;D

Please give her your birthday wishes by commenting in this post ♥. If you are commenting as anon, please leave a twitter username/name so that we'll know who you are. You can also greet her in twitter @stephieku or by using the hashtag #stephiefuwafuwa :D

Thank you! :3
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A belated April Fools' Day to everyone!

You might have noticed that the site changed drastically for April Fools :D. It took a bit of work but we're glad for all the responses we had. Thank you very much! Ikefuro is an AU thingy of the Ofurotaimu mods by [personal profile] benzene and you're very welcome to adore her for her awesome art.

I'm personally sad to let Ikefuro week come to a close but it's time to go back to our regular posts (and I am late with them, as usual, sorry ;; ). All the April Fools-related entries are now admin-locked save for one, so you won't see them interfering with our regular posts.

For those who want to relive Ikefuro, I've uploaded the pages, including your comments here: http://www.ofurotaimu.net/ofuroaf2012/main1.html . Of course, the links pointing to dreamwidth will not work, but if you click the "link" option in each post, it will lead you to the full post + comments :).

Thanks for participating in Ikefuro 2012, we hope you had fun as much as we did. I guess it's much better than 2011's April Fools, right? :D

Much love,


Apr. 1st, 2012 10:39 am
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Hello and welcome to [community profile] ofurotaimu! This is English Vocaloid and 歌ってみた-centric community. We're glad to have you here! :)

This is our main community, but our official aggregate site is at ofurotaimu.net. We also have the following sister/branch sites:

[community profile] banaofurotaimu → our fanworks community
[community profile] onsenjikan → our Vocaloid/Utattemita song translations comm
ofuro @ twitter → our official twitter
ofuro @ tumblr → our official tumblr page
ofuro @ fb → our official facebook page
ofuro @ last.fm → our official last.fm page

Of course, joining the other sites is not compulsory. You can also see updates from our twitter and [community profile] onsenjikan in our main aggregate site.


If you are a new visitor/new fan, here are what you need to do before you delve into the fandom/this comm!
• make a Nico Nico Douga account,
• read the rules of the community, and
• read a brief intro to utattemita (if you are a new fan).
introduce yourself! <-- please!

Here are some guides which can help you catch up/get by:
a guide to using nicosound
a small list of nico nico douga vocabulary
a list of guides on how to register and get by in nico nico douga
- You can see the rest of our guides here


All our posts here are tagged so make full use of the tags!
! vocaloid, ! utattemita, ! utau will lead you to all posts under that group
! locked posts are those you cannot access unless you join the comm [1]
* tags are all the ranking writeups
@ are all the spotlight posts (producers and singers)
a tags are all the alerts, news and information posts
m tags are musician names
p tags are producer names
u tags are utaite names
i tags are indie artists which do not belong to utattemita or vocaloid

[1] [community profile] ofurotaimu is mostly public, but if you want to access locked posts, you have to join the community. You can join us by using your dreamwidth account or your OPENID (LJ, Blogspot, etc.) accounts :). If you do not have a dreamwidth account but would like to have one, feel free to ask me for an invite code! <3

Enjoy your stay!
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Ofurotaimu's 2011 has been remarkable in terms of growth, reach, and activity. In this year we opened a lot of new connections (facebook, twitter, last.fm, etc.). We also added a few more posts (guides, odottemita spotlights, etc.). We had a lot of memes (bananas, sheep, and recently #smiling2012). We also forged connections with a lot of people from different places. There were a lot of, let's say, bad things that happened for both the community and the fandom, but in general 2011 has been a year of success for Ofurotaimu. And we thank you for that!

This is the first time we have a New Year post in the comm so we made it special by having each moderator of the community (from this comm and in tumblr) to say a few words. We hope you'll have the time to read them :).

Words from our Moderators )

Okay, now that the greetings and all that are done, let's go with the more interesting aspect of this post. That is, STATS. You might remember we got [community profile] ofurotaimu a domain as a portal and we also got it a paid account for Google Analytics. Although the analysis of visitors to the comm only started this September, I think it would be interesting for you guys to see :).

Stats for half of 2011 )
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We (Nikki, Stephie, Len, and Tune) wish you'll have a peaceful and joyous holiday season! The lack of updates on our part means we're enjoying ours too much, we hope you don't mind! We'll be back in full force come the next year :).

Since last year's Christmas, our community has grown remarkably, and we've encountered different sorts of people, issues, and events. The Vocaloid/Utattemita fandom themselves are also becoming super popular nowadays that it's a bit hard to keep track of everyone, but it is also because of that growth that we have experienced a lot of things this year (from concerts to various releases to innovations to the fandom stretching to the previously unknown Western part).

We hope that our community will continue to grow, not only in number, but in content and participation! Thank you for always being here with us. More than anyone, you guys are the reason this community is still alive and active! Enjoy what remains of 2011 and we hope that we'll continue seeing you not only here in the main community but in twitter, facebook, and in our other sites.

nikki ([personal profile] fascinates)
stephie ([personal profile] stephieku)
len ([personal profile] southerncross)
tune ([personal profile] seraphictune)
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Hello, guys!

It's been a while since I wrote a modpost, I think. Well, now Stephie and I have some important stuff to clarify as well as to announce to everyone, so I hope you'll take the time to read my long-ass post. If you don't, we will cry and our tears will make the ofuro salty and it'll be your fault D:


Aaaand that's it! Sorry, it's been a while so the updates and reminders kind of piled up D:. I hope you're not sleeping yet... /pokes.

Since we have a poll now, let's try it out :3! LOL I shouldn't be this excited....

Poll #8139 often
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 119

How often do you visit Ofurotaimu?

View Answers

I refresh it every few hours.
7 (5.9%)

I visit it at least once a day.
75 (63.0%)

I come by once a week.
26 (21.8%)

I check it every few weeks or so.
6 (5.0%)

I haven't been here for months!
3 (2.5%)

Ofurotaimu? What's that?
2 (1.7%)

Obligatory Ticky Box

View Answers

YAAAAAAAAY /ticksticksticks
98 (97.0%)

I hate ticky boxes D:
15 (14.9%)

LOL Once again, thanks for being here in Ofuro, we're glad you could share stuff (bath salts, shampoo, corny ofuro songs) with us! ♥.

Don't be afraid to leave all sorts of comments, but if you need srsbzns clarification on any of the stuff mentioned above, please contact me personally~.
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Hey everyone, today (August 11th) is our wonderful mod/admin Nikki's ([personal profile] fascinates) birthday!

Ofurotaimu would be nothing without nikki, she puts so much hard work, love, and care into this community, it's become such a great community and place for information!

I'm not as awesome as thinking of ideas or coordinating things, so sorry nikki that this post is so lame! I'll put a mushier post in the comments later when I come back, But I hope you'll have a wonderful birthday, and more birthdays to come!

Please, if you can, leave mushy birthday messages in the comments♥♥♥ Let's try to embarass her as much as possible!


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