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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #166 (November 29- December 6, 2010)

As with the utattemita ranking, I apologize for the lateness and if you might notice, the lack of the history part in this ranking. I still don't have my Internet at home back, office still blocks Nicovideo blahblah. :(

Anyway, is it just me or the influx of new songs last time died a bit so we have only a few new songs this week? The ones at the top are mostly songs we already know, but amazing nonetheless.

↑# - the song moved up from a previous top 30 rank
↓# - song moved down from a previous top 30 rank
- song is a re-entry to the top 30 rankings

original nicovideo link

Songs are arranged from 1-30.

top 30 under the cut )

My favorites this week are 4, 5, 13, 19 and 30 and the two pickups (which definitely need more views!).


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