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Vocaloid Midyear Special Ranking 2010 2nd Part (GUMI Compilation)

The first half of 2010 SP ranking (GUMI part) can be found here. For an intro on the SP ranking, please refer to the Miku compilation!

This compilation has even less songs at 80, but I'm sure they're all worth your listen!

Since all of them are GUMI songs, I'll just type the song, composer, and additional Vocaloids used if there are any.

original nicovideo link

80. Mizugiwa no Hekishoku (maya)
- Title translates to "The Beach's Emerald".

79. Shanghai Electro (CheetahgirlP)
- This song is also in Chinese, so it's tagged "Chinaloid" XD

78. Sweet Candy Parade (Eon)

77. Goodnight HELLO (TEMB/BlancoP)

76. Ivory (takumi)

75. Cutie Honey (KonkiP)

74. Anata no Uso (VilP)

73. end point. (NeetopiaP)

72. Hoshi no nai Sora (YuugouP)
- Title translates to "The Sky Without Stars".

71. Ducktest (ep0d)

70. Ii kara tomato kuue?! (OwataP)

69. Kurage (RabaP)
- Title translates to "Jellyfish".

68. Goodnight, my love bit. (HannyaG/GcupP)

67. Kita Natsu Kaze (Tak Nikaido)
- Title translates to "Here's the Summer Wind".

66. Midori (takumi)
- Title translates to "Green".

65. SPIRAL (TEMB/BlancoP)

64. Good night ~branch "Traveler's Nocturn"~ (BucchigiriP)

63. Heart ni Egaita Arcadia (Bekkou)
- Title translates to "Arcadia Painted in My Heart".

62. Gin Sei no Artemis (maya)
- Title translates to "The Holy Silver Artemis".

61. Rain Or Shine (ep0d)

60. Natsu to Himawari to Mugiwari Boushi (MamomoP)
- Title translates to "Summer and Sunflowers and Straw Hats".

59. Hachimitsu (Yazuki)
- Title translates to "Honey".

58. Heart Sutra in Loud Part 2010 (DevilishP and Silent_Symphonia)

57. Packaged (SankoukenP)

56. Megutan Seijin (KanimisoP)

55. Run Away (nana/sevencolors)

54. Kimi to Ao (TEMB/BlancoP)
- Title translates to "Blue With You."

53. LOOP! (acane madder)

52. Fall in Love (Bekko)

51. Yotsume no Onegai (JimoemohetaP)
- Title translates to "Fourth Wish".

50. Akane Iro Chime (acane madder)
- Title translates to "Red Chime".

49. Song for Dad (TsurutsuruP)

48. Tokotoko (164)

47. Shoushitsu Near (IkuP)
- Title translates to "Near Disappearing".

46. Last Sunset House Remix (kouki)

45. Heart Sutrappoid (YM)

44. Jellyfish no Kokuhaku -cover- (MokuyoubiP)
- Title translates to "A Jellyfish's Confession"

43. Hitotsu dake (takamatt)
- Title translates to "Just One Thing".

42. Sono shikisai wo (uzP)
- Title translates to "That Color".

41. Demo Aenakute... (kk2)
- Title translates to "But I Can't See You..."

40. Hakobune no Heya (MyumP)
- Title translates to "The Ark Room".

39. Ocha (CycleP)

38. Last Year -retake- (buzzG)

37. Chameleon Daughter (AxelP)

36. Kaze no Enbuyoku (Akasakofu)
- Title translates to "Waltz of the Wind".

35. Amayadori (XiexieP)
- Title translates to "Taking a Shelter from the Rain".

34. Flight Time (NishizawasanP)

33. Telepathy (w/ Gakupo, ArukaP)

32. Sequence of Love (OreginalP)

31. melting summer (TokuP)

30. Ai no Tokyuu Miracle Message (BuriruP)
- Title translates to "Express Love Train's Miracle Message!"

29. Kimi no Hana to Ame, Boku no Koe (uzP)
- Title translates to "Your Rain and Flower, My Voice".

28. Moratorium Drive (MeronteiP)

27. Chikuri To (TototomP)
- Title translates to "Needle Pricks and"

26. 4:44 (164)

25. Cinderella School (ItokawaP)

24. Sharocket (MyumP)

23. STEP TO YOU -cover- (KannazukiP)

22. Remon (FayeP, Junky)

21. Omoide Kakera (DevilishP)
- Title translates to "Pieces of Memories"

20. Tsuki to Zuppon (acane madder)
- Title translates to "Heaven and Earth".

19. Kokoro no Oto (uzP)
- Title translates to "Heart's Sound"

18. Usotsuki to Maigo no Issen-nen (w/ kaito, meiko; MyGodP)
- Title translates to "A Thousand Years of Liars and Strays"

17. Little Emi to Hoshi no Tegami (Scop)
- Title translates to "Little Emi and the Star's Letter"

16. Super Technology (YM)

15. Uso na Kisu to (NishizawasanP)
- Title translates to "Deceiving Kiss and"

14. Sayonara Polaris (Nem)

13. COIN (buzzG)

12. No Nai Denpa (YM)

11. Nakimushi Ensemble (NishizawasanP)
- Title translates to "An Ensemble of Crybabies"

10. Hankou Seimei (YM)

09. Green Straight (LiveP)

08. Dearest (yuukiss)

07. Hysteria (KuwagataP)

06. Uso to Diamond (Yucha)
- Title translates to "Lies and Diamond".

05. For My Soul (Junky)

04. Rozetta (monaca:factory)

03. Poker Face (YuchaP)

02. Aitai (Dios/SignalP)
- Title translates to "I Want to See You".

01. Mozaik Role (DECO*27)

LOL The difference between number 2 and 1 ^^;;.

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