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XiexieP / 謝謝P

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XiexieP got his name from the Chinese word for "thanks". He is a Japanese Vocaloid producer, although currently he is living in China. Despite being not as prolific as other producers, he's been composing and uploading his songs in Nico Nico Douga since early 2008, with varied reception.

XiexieP has written upbeat pop and rock songs, but his specialty seems to be ballads. He is known for making ballads with powerful themes and emotional lines, usually depicting regret or other love-related conflicts. Most of his songs are sung as a story, with a plot of conflict, a climax, and a resolution. He likes using piano and violin melodies in his songs, usually in progressive crescendo as each song reaches the climax. Aside from his powerful songs, XiexieP also has a penchant for composing computer-related songs, usually of Windows programs and shortcuts.

Although mostly concentrated on using Miku and GUMI, he has also used Gakupo and Luka. His female Vocaloids are tuned very high with ringing solidity, even with GUMI, who is often tuned low and soft. His Miku sounds a bit too high at times, but her voice is made to fit the strong emotions in the songs. His Vocaloids are also notably good in singing long and high notes.

sample songs
Amayadori / Taking Shelter from the Rain (GUMI; translation)
Eien Hanabi / Eternal Fireworks (Hatsune Miku; translation)
Shaggy (Gakupo)
Kiss no Ato Furenai de (Megurine Luka)
0.5byou (Hatsune Miku)

nikki says
I first knew of XiexieP when I heard Amayadori, which is still one of my favorite GUMI songs. The passion in his songs are just amazing, moreso because he manages to portray them through a story or a variety of scenes the "character" in his songs goes through. Each of his song is not actually a declaration of emotions, but rather a touching story that people could somehow relate to.
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The first half of 2010 SP ranking (GUMI part) can be found here. For an intro on the SP ranking, please refer to the Miku compilation!

This compilation has even less songs at 80, but I'm sure they're all worth your listen!

Since all of them are GUMI songs, I'll just type the song, composer, and additional Vocaloids used if there are any.

original nicovideo link

list under the cut! )


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