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I skipped this week's Vocaranking to give way to this massive list XD;. The video only showed the top 30 but the mylist went on to top 80 and being obsessive, I did the whole list OTL. Anyway, here's your top 80 songs for the month of March! Why am I not surprised at the amount of wowaka-san in this one? ♥

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I've been browsing February uploads in Vocaloid-dom today and decided to translate the top 30 ranking for the previous month on a whim. I don't have the time to do the weekly ranking, but if they have a monthly ranking regularly, maybe I can squeeze that in between utatte mita posts :3. Anyway, here are the top 30 Vocaloid songs for February. Some are new, some are as old as February 2009.

The list is not inverted, so you want, you can start at the bottom :3.

monthly vocaloid top 30 - february )


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